Vladimir Socor: PDM bears blame for crisis in Moldova

The situation in the Republic of Moldova worsened more than expected and the Democratic Party, which is led by Vladimir Plahotniuc from behind, bears the blame for this, political analyst of the Jamestown Foundation and Eurasia Daily Monito Vladimir Socot stated in the talk show “Place for dialogue” on Radio Moldova station, IPN reports.

According to Socor, none of the coalitions of which the PDM formed or will yet form part can be called pro-European. “Initially, the Republic of Moldova took some steps towards the European integration. The visa requirements were abolished and the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement were signed. Afterward, the European integration got stuck. This happened when the reform implementation stage was reached, especially in the justice sector. Everyone knows that Plahotniuc is the one who controls the law enforcement institutions in the Republic of Moldova. Earlier they whispered about this in the West, but now they say things as they are,” stated the analyst.

Socor considers the process of capturing the state institutions began when these started to be distributed according to political criteria. “The signing of the coalition agreement of 2010 is the moment of the original sin. The state institutions were then apportioned according to political criteria, in particular justice and the law enforcement bodies. A new unconstitutional state body was then created, called the Council of the Alliance, which became more powerful and more influential than the main state institutions. The decisions were taken by the Council of the Alliance and then voted in Parliament. Marian Lupu acted in this Council as Plahotniucs’s spokesman. Then, the Council of the Alliance was a collective body. Now the decisions are no longer taken collectively. They are taken by one person who lives on Cantemir Blvd. These are then transmitted through the agency of the Democratic Party. It’s clear that this party became the main political organization in the Republic of Moldova. The future ruling alliance will be formed around the PDM. The Democratic Party now dictates who and when should come to the negotiations and this party is far from being a pro-European one,” said the analyst.

Vladimir Socor considers that Vladimir Plahotniuc can be stopped only by an international investigation. “It’s clear that Plahotniuc keeps his money not in Moldova, but in foreign bank accounts hidden through offshore zones. Plahotniuc didn’t conduct serious investigations in the Republic of Moldova. It’s known that he owns several hotels and TV channels in Chisinau, which are insignificant in relation to his property. A neutral international investigation would dethrone Plahotniuc and would change Moldovan politics,” he stated.

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