Vladimir Cebotari: We expect number of MPs who will leave Democratic group to increase

MP Vladimir Cebotari, who, together with another five mates, left the Democratic Party (PDM), said he expects that the number of MPs who will leave the Democratic group will rise. According to him, this will happen if no considerable pressure is exerted inside the PDM, IPN reports.

“We left the party because we have different views. The steps witnessed the last few days determined such a decision that was actually difficult. It is not easy to leave a team in which you invested a lot and the people whom you trusted and who trusted you and with whom you would like to work further. But here are particular things that make you do this,” the PM explained in a program on TVR Moldova channel.

He noted that he and his colleagues left the party when this was “close to coming to power”, not when the PDM was in a difficult situation. “We were near the PDM in the hardest moments, at least during the last few years, and confronted together serious public criticism and struggled together to regain the people’s trust and we succeeded as the results in the local elections were good. We didn’t leave the party then. We decided to leave when the party practically returned to power,” stated Vladimir Cebotari.

PPPDA MP Igor Munteanu said the “war” inside the Democratic Party only started. The split will now cover the local organizations. “Who will unite with whom, to what extent the formal or informal leaders will be able to attract those who voted in the local elections. It is evident that someone will only gain from this turbulence and this is the Party of Socialists that now uses the practice and instruments applied by the PDM in relation to the Party of Communists. This is revenge,” noted the MP.

Socialist MP Grigore Novac said the PSRM is neither glad about the split inside the PDM nor sad about it. It is an internal party matter into which the others should not intervene. In Parliament, the bills are voted by all the MPs and the fact that the six MPs left the PDM will not influence essentially the Government’s support.

The six MPs who left the Democratic parliamentary group and the Democratic Party on February 19 are Andrian Candu, Sergiu Sîrbu, Vladimir Cebotari, Eleonora Graur, Corneliu Padnevici and Grigore Repeshchuk.

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