Vladimir Brăgaru: Biofuel is an ecological alternative to gas and coal heating

Pellets and briquettes produced from biomass are an ecological alternative to coal or gas, said the president of the Bioenergy Association of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Brăgaru. According to him, biofuel does not pollute the atmosphere, as gas or coal does, as it is produced from wood processing residues, IPN reports.

Biomass wood pellets and briquettes are environmentally friendly products that can gradually replace coal, gas and even ordinary wood. The president of the Bioenergy Association of the Republic of Moldova said that solid biofuel is produced from forest and agricultural residues and is used in modern heating systems.

“In the Republic of Moldova, especially in rural areas, people heat their homes primarily with wood brought from forests. The data of the National Bureau of Statistics show that 550,000-600,000 cubic meters of wood are annually extracted by Moldsilva from forests to satisfy a part of the demand on the market. In 2022, wood was even imported from Romania. Providing the population with firewood puts quite a lot of pressure on the forests of the Republic of Moldova. In our country, the afforested area represents 11%, while the European average is 38%. In this connection, we need to understand that biofuel is composed of residues, waste generated during wood processing, waste from agriculture or production economy. This waste is recycled and is not thrown away,” Vladimir Brăgaru stated in the program “Freedom Territory”.

According to him, compared to other types of fuel, the harmful emissions from biomass heating systems are much lower and thanks to this, biomass can be considered the fuel of the future.

When we burn biomass, either wood, pellets or briquettes, CO2 removals are considered equal to zero because the biomass we burn absorbed the amount of CO2 during the vegetative phase. Respectively, no more CO2 is removed than the absorbed amount. On the other hand, gas or coal produces enormous amounts of CO2, massively polluting the atmosphere and influencing global warming,” explained Vladimir Brăgaru.

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