Vlad Țurcanu: This Government re-embodies hopes of 1991

The expectations of the Gavrilița Government are very big and the new government should focus on the improvement of the quality of people’s lives and ensuring of end results in resonant cases, political commentator Vlad Țurcanu stated in a public debate staged by IPN News Agency after the Cabinet was given a vote of confidence by Parliament. According to the expert, the current trio, Presidential Administration-Parliament-Government, is the formula in which the citizens put enormous hope, IPN reports.

According to the political expert, the citizens have huge expectations of the new Government, while the current governmental team does not have experience in managing public affairs.

“This Government re-embodies the hopes of 1991. Since then, we have witnessed all kinds of turbulence that kept the Republic of Moldova stagnant and delayed the reforms that could place it near the countries that set off on the same road in 1991. The expectations are very big, while some of the ministers lack experience and the hope is that they will learn very swiftly,” said Vlad Țurcanu.

According to the commentator, the victory scored by PAS in the July 11 elections is the expression of an enormous credit of trust given by the citizens to the party‘s electoral program.

“PAS just undertook the aspirations and wishes of citizens and put them in a particular order, presenting them in the campaign. The people supported this electoral program. Furthermore, there is the element of trust as the Shor Party said they will offer pensions of 10,000 lei and it’s clear that the citizens already new that Shor is one of the artisans of the bank fraud and knew how much trust they can have in him. Trust was put in the people who were supported by Maia Sandu, with President Sandu guaranteeing for the people from PAS,” stated Vlad Țurcanu.

According to him, the immediate priorities of the PAS government should income the economic recovery that would lead to a rise in people’s incomes and the justice sector reform.

“This government should give an image blow and do so that those who showed defiance and acted against the public interests pay. This is one of the expectations of the people – they want blood in harsher terms. On the other hand, there should be brought about changes in terms of population’s wellbeing and infrastructure as the people remember such changes in the long run,” stated Țurcanu.  

The Cabinet led by Natalia Gavrilița was voted in on August 6 by the votes of 61 MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity.

The public debate “Government was invested: What do we want? What can it do?” forms part of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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