Vlad Țurcanu: Society would lose if pro-Russian government is installed

Moldovan society would lose if a pro-Russian government that is conceived by the leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon, ex-President of Moldova, is formed. Society would fail to get financing for revitalizing the areas that “are in a coma”, for overcoming the serious pandemic. The efforts made by the politicians at present are aimed at something else and society feels neglected, communication expert Vlad Țurcanu stated in IPN’s public debate “First attempt to vote in Government: What was it?” He noted that a considerable part of society that voted for Maia Sandu would like to influence the situation up to the renewal of the government.

“The Socialists’ move with Ion Chicu’s resignation was made because they needed to detach themselves from a government that was criticized not only by the opposition, but also by the citizens. This Government didn’t cope during the pandemic, while Ion Chicu inflated his statements and the Socialists needed to recover in the period between the Chicu Government and the Durleșteanu Government. Now Igor Dodon is trying to undertake the initiative. If they act in a different way, they will expose themselves to two major risks: a pro-European government would swiftly open the financing lines and the Republic of Moldova would enter a much better period from qualitative viewpoint after declining considerably during the rule of the Socialists. […] At first sight, the Socialists fight against the PAS and the other representatives of the opposition. In reality, they fight against their opponent from the left Renato Usatyi, who would gain a breath of fresh air if Dodon allies with Shor. We will see what the Socialists will gain from an open alliance with Shor,” stated Vlad Țurcanu, noting the fielding of the own Government forms part of the Socialists’ logic of the last few weeks, during which they tried to take over, to intimidate their opponents and to show that they are yet strong.

He said it is interesting to see how Missis Sandu acts if she is presented with 51 signatures in favor of a parliamentary coalition – she rejects candidate Durleșteanu or plays the Socialists’ game.

Vlad Țurcanu believes that both the PAS and the PSRM gained as a result of the confrontation between the MPs of the two parties witnessed in today’s sitting of Parliament. As to the tactic of the PDM and the PPDDA, he said these try to find a solution as it’s clear that the PDM will not enter the next Parliament and the PPPDA is also not sure about its chances.

According to him, the attempt to invest the Government is a normal act determined by the circumstances and each political group in Parliament acts in accordance with the situation. “The current Parliament was tailored artificially and all the wrongdoings witnessed in the electoral period and the way in which this Parliament was formed could not lead to other developments than the current ones,” he said, noting purification should ultimately take place and there should be a Parliament with enough legitimacy for the people to say that it represents them.

“This desperate attempt made by Dodon and his people from the PSRM cannot last long. They are bringing their end closer this way. There is a particularity of Moldovan politics – you have everything when you are at the top, but you risk losing everything when you join the opposition. That’s why the camp of the PSRM endeavors to keep its positions.”

The public debate “First attempt to vote in Government: What was it?” is the 171st installment of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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