Vlad Kulminski: Igor Dodon caused serious damage to Moldova in Transnistrian settlement

Executive direction of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Vlad Kulminski said President Igor Dodon caused considerable damage to the Republic of Moldova in the Transnistrian settlement process. According to him, Igor Dodon in 2013 promoted a bill on Moldova’s federalization by creating a new state. He later abandoned this idea, but now returned again to it, IPN reports.

Vlad Kulminski said Igor Dodon presented then the Transnistrian settlement plan as a key plan for resolving the dispute. “He uses the notion of “federal Moldova” that is actually a supranational body. There is no Republic of Moldova or Gagauzia or the Transnistrian region, but there is a third state that is something new. This was the idea of this plan – to build a new state with three federalization subjects,” the expert stated in a program on Jurnal TV channel.

He noted the Democratic Party, which currently supports Igor Dodon, also promotes the interests of another state, namely those of the Russian Federation.

Democrat MP Nicolae Ciubuc said the PDM made particular commitments to support the Government led by Ion Chicu, which promotes the European course, social and economic policies. “To what extent can such a scenario that was presented by the Head of State at a particular stage be implemented? We know what the President’s powers are. It is ultimately the duty of the MPs and the citizens of this state to defend the independence and integrity of this country,” he explained.

MP of the DA Platform Iurie Reniță stated that in relation to the Transnistrian region and to the Republic of Moldova, President Igor Dodon pursues a policy together with the Russian Federation. “This is evident and only a blind person cannot see and realize this. That’s why I was talking about the political responsibility of each MP, each political player,” he said.

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