Vlad Kulminski about referendum: Society will discuss topics that are in whole country’s interests

The decision to hold a national referendum simultaneously with the presidential election is logical and reasonable, said the director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Vlad Kulminski. According to him, by launching this initiative, the government managed to set the main theme of the public agenda for 2024. The decision to organize the plebiscite on the same day as the presidential election will increase President Maia Sandu’s chances to win a new term in office, IPN reports.

On December 28, through an amendment proposed by PAS MP Veronica Roșca, Parliament modified the Electoral Code so that a national referendum can be held simultaneously with the parliamentary or presidential elections. This means that the referendum proposed by President Maia Sandu on Moldova’s European integration will be held in 2024 on the same day as the presidential election.

“The legislation had to be amended as the Electoral Code expressly provided that a referendum could not be held on the same day as presidential or parliamentary elections. Specifically, it could be held 60 days before and 60 days after an election. Without this change, the referendum could not be held concurrently with the presidential election. The political logic is clear and reasonable. In political technology, agenda setting is a very important thing. What will be discussed in society? What will all parties talk about next year? I believe that President Maia Sandu, the Government, PAS, managed to set this public agenda for next year through this referendum. Society will discuss topics that are in the whole country’s interests and also in this party’s interests. The decision to organize a referendum will increase President Maia Sandu’s chances to win the upcoming presidential election. However, even without this referendum, Maia Sandu’s chances are very big as there is no candidate who could pose a real danger,” Vlad Kulminski stated in the program “Day by Day” on Radio Moldova station.

He noted that by opening the accession negotiations, Moldova’s government managed to firmly position itself on the side of the civilized world and to speak frankly about the definitive separation from the Russian Federation.

“I think the greatest achievement of President Maia Sandus and PAS is that they have clearly said that the geopolitical split has occurred and the most important thing for Moldova is to position itself on the right side of this split. That is to leave the Russian Federation’s sphere of influence and come under the umbrella of the European Union and the West, where there are security, welfare and development,” said the executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives.

On December 14, the European Council decided to open the accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu announced that the justice sector reform and the fight against corruption will represent the first accession chapter on which the authorities will focus.

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