Vlad Filat: Today, as 102 years ago, we need to be near those who are part of our nation

“Today, as 102 years ago, we need to be near those who are part of our nation because united we are not only more powerful, but also healthier,” said ex-Premier Vlad Filat. According to him, 102 years ago, as nowadays, Europe and practically the entire word were yet under siege. “The war, the Spanish flu or typhus destroyed countries and millions of lives. Then, the politicians of that time, from the left and the right banks of the Prut, on March 27, 1918 decided on Bessarabia’s union with Romania in virtue of the historical right and of pragmatism. Regrettably, history wasn’t at all merciful to us,” stated Vlad Filat, who is quoted by IPN.

According to him, also in March, but in 2012, the historical capital of Moldova Iasi hosted the first joint meeting of the Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The meeting was held at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University where both Vlad Filat and his counterpart Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu studied in their time.

“Before being a pragmatic meeting, this was a hearty meeting and the image of our frontrunners who looked at us from paintings seemed to overwhelm us. At that government meeting, we had the same sovereignty and the discussions centered on one country. Forming part of the first generation that crossed the Prut, being profoundly involved in the League of Bessarabian Students who at that time were the spearhead of the support for Bessarabia, I perceived our meeting as a pragmatic process that should have led to an economic, political and primarily human merger. We had to identify ourselves and a political act was to only shape the end of a complex process of adjustment and identification,” Vlad Filat posted on Facebook.

The former Prime Minster noted that he and Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu concluded then an authentic strategic partnership for Europe, laid the basis of the energy interconnection project and launched a number of projects that covered practically the whole spectrum of the Romanian-Romanian relations.

The agreement signed together with his friend and counterpart was to trigger a lot of political-diplomatic actions that ended with the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU and abolition of the visa requirements. “During the whole process of approximation, negotiation and ratification of the agreement with the EU and for the strategic projects between the two Romanian states, the greatest support to me as the Prime Minister and to the Republic of Moldova was given by President Traian Băsescu. I don’t think there was any European Council meeting where Traian Băsescu wouldn’t plead the cause of the Republic of Moldova,” wrote Vlad Filat.

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