Vlad Filat: Solidarity counted enormously ten years ago

Ex-Premier Vlad Filat underlined the solidarity of Moldovan society and the country’s partners as a basic element in the process of alleviating the consequences of the massive floods that happened ten years ago and suggested that this experience can be useful in solving the problems faced by Moldova at present, IPN reports, quoting a posting by Filat.

“Our people’s solidarity counted enormously during those days. It was a moment when we proved to ourselves that we can be united in front of problems, and, especially that united we can cope with the problems. I lived that period with maximum intensity and I’m glad that we managed to be united. I want the feeling of unity and solidarity to return to our society. Even if history wasn’t kind to us, it’s not too late to stand up and decide our national and European destiny,” wrote Vlad Filat.

“Ten years ago, on the night of July 7, the raging natural forces tested the Republic of Moldova and its people. As a result of the heavy rain, the levee in Nemțeni burst and four villages (Cotul Morii, Nemțeni, Obileni, and Sărăteni) were struck by wild waters that flooded houses and left thousands of people without a home. As a result of those devastating floods, 60 villages of 14 districts were affected and 4,000 people were evacuated. There were destroyed 1,105 houses, 4,308 ha of farmland, 4,800 ha of meadows and 930 ha of forests. The caused damage was huge.”

The ex-Premier noted that challenge was overcome owing to the exemplary mobilization of the central and local authorities, which were assisted by the foreign partners, especially Romania.

“The protection of people and provision of necessary things to those who lost their assets were the main preoccupations. The whole society united so as to offer assistance to the Petersons who were struck by the natural forces. Hundreds of houses were erected from zero, the infrastructure was rebuilt and the affected people got a new chance as a result of the efforts made by the government, the people and the foreign partners,” wrote Vlad Filat.

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