Vlad Filat: Moldova should continue its way to EU despite “Voronin-Dodon” couple

“The Republic of Moldova should continue its way to the European Union despite the mediocrity that the Voronin-Dodon couple that is maneuvered by Plahotniuc from behind promotes behind the screen of geopolitical messages. We are also an island of Latinity and our place is together with ours, in the EU, where the force of the right, not the right of the force counts!” ex-Premier Vlad Filat posted on his Facebook page, being quoted by IPN.

The former Premier said the electoral activity of the two leaders of the Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists is an assault of lie and imposture.

“The electoral activity of the Dodon-Voronin in this campaign can be described as an assault of lie and imposture. The despair and fear of losing everything, including the freedom, are the only explanations why Igor Dodon allied himself with a man who forgets what he ate on breakfast, in our case Voronin”.

Also, Vlad Filat reminded of the invective with which the two current electoral partners attacked each other in time, including the “betrayal”.  “We will speak about how and, especially, why Dodon betrayed Voronin in the immediate period, as I already mentioned,” he wrote.

Vlad Filat describes the current and past activities of the two as the “post-Voronin” period.

“Without idealizing the activity of the Government I managed, I must say that the Republic of Moldova at the times of the two “coryphaeuses” was on the verge of collapse and in unprecedented isolation on the European continent. Effectively, we had to explain to each Western chancellery that the Republic of Moldova deserves to be part of the Western world, while the campaign for having the visas abolished was exhausting and sometimes close to the limit.”

As a confirmation, the ex-Premier published an image of January 24, 2011 in which Cecilia Malmstrom, then European Commissioner for Home Affairs, was handing over the Visa Liberalization Action Plan.

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