Vlad Filat: I don’t think billion theft case will be ever elucidated

Ex-Premier Vlad Filat is skeptical about the end result of the billion theft case. He does not rule out the possibility that the money used to stage the latest protests and to corrupt MPs is part of the US$1 billion stolen from banks. The former Premier criticizes the state institutions for inaction and says that the PAS has been in power for a year and a half and this is a reasonable timeframe for bringing things in order, IPN reports.

The former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) Vlad Filat said that a very dangerous phenomenon returned in Moldova and this is party switching. A part of the money used to organize protests and to corrupt MPs can be from the stolen billion.

“The money started to circulate very intensely. In Chisinau, we see the migration of MPs and similar migration is witnessed in localities. I don’t think the billion theft case will be ever elucidated as there is no wish to do this. If there had been wish, they would have said at least what happened. This case was dealt with by the same prosecutors and judges who are now in the system and they don’t want an end result as they will also need to answer. A part of that US$1 billion, or about US$700 million if we exclude the restored assets, is probably spent now. But a part of the money can come from Russia,” Vlad Filat stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

The ex-Premier noted that the state institutions turned out to be incapable of destroying this illegal circulation of funds. “There is a lot of public pressure in the case of these protests, but the emphases are put incorrectly as they place stress on the protesters not on the protest organizers. Through the organizers, they need to see how these protests are financed. The institutions should focus on this, on financing,” said Vlad Filat, noting the social stores are a kind of Wagner in Ukraine for war, while in Moldova are used for destabilization and to promote political interests and the authorities should intervene.

The Government requested the Constitutional Court to determine the constitutionality of the Shor Party, accusing this party of acting in contradiction with the rule of law principles and of endangering the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova. The Court is to examine this request between May 10 and May 17, 2023.

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