Vlad Batrîncea: We attended an electoral speech, not a Parliament sitting

Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea, after the first sitting of the Parliament of the eleventh legislature, said that the MPs today attended the giving of an electoral speech, not the Parliament sitting. According to him, the party with the largest number of MPs who say that they will work without leave is not ready to work, IPN reports.

“Those of the right, who rejoice at the election results, promised that we will work without rest as the agenda is tight. That’s why today, after 15 days of the parliamentary elections, our entire group came to the sitting to discuss the agenda and the laws that are awaited by the citizens and, eventually, to see how those nice promises made in the election campaign are delivered,” the MP stated in a press briefing.

According to Batrîncea, it’s not clear why the party with the largest number of seats of MP left without informing when the next sittings will take place and this is disrespect shown also for the people.

In the first sitting of the new Parliament of the eleventh legislature, after the president of the Constitutional Court Domnica Manole and President Maia Sandu gave speeches, PAS MP Igor Grosu suggested announcing a break until July 29, 10am. He said that the Parliament’s regulations provide that the groups are formed and the administrative bodies are elected during ten days and they should take decisions about the nominal composition of the parliamentary commissions and other bodies until Thursday

The new Parliament consists of 63 MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity, 32 MP of the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists and six MPs of the Shor Party.

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