Vitalie Sprinceana: Building social state of welfare is best strategy for liquidating nostalgia

Building a social state of welfare in the Republic of Moldova is the best strategy for liquidating nostalgia for the Soviet Union. At the same time, the discussion about the Soviet past is held hostage between two partisan and opposite positions - the apologists and those who condemn - and there are no other approaches at all, sociologist Vitalie Sprinceana stated in a public debate entitled “A century of Russian Revolution: consequences and expectations”, which was the 80th installment of the series “Developing political culture by public debates” and was staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

Vitalie Sprinceana said the Russian Federation, and not only this, but also an alliance of populist forces, remains a kind of exporter of conservative revolution or counterrevolution in a way. No visible events were seen after the revolution that occurred 100 years ago, on November 7, either at the level of political parties – Party of Socialists, Party of Communists – or at the level of messages delivered by historians. “In a way, such a big event passes as a non-even at least for our society and we can speculate about the reasons here,” he stated.

The sociologist considers these discussions that are now not topical will be resumed later as neither the politicians, nor the historians have clarified other closer events. This theme is not discussed because it is shadowed by other addressed themes that started to be revealed by archives, such as the Soviet Union, the Holocaust, deportations and others. These are yet regarded as separate elements, but when they are placed together in a historical past, their origin and the context will start to be tackled.

Vitalie Sprinceana said the fact that Moldovan society considers that the Soviet Union is responsible for what is going on shows that the area in which we live is still under that horizon. This means that the epoch is poorly understood in its terms. “We still have so ardent polemics. It means that we have yet to dig, to find the internal demons, to integrate. The historical past is not to blame for the fact that we have a captive state,” he noted.

The public debate “A century of Russian Revolution: consequences and expectations” was the 80th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture by public debates” that are organized with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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