Vitalie Proca: Vlad Plahotniuc ordered murder of German Gorbuntsov

Interloper Vitalie Proca, who was sentenced to jail in Romania, said that in 2012 he shot businessman German Gorbuntsov by order of Vlad Plahotniuc, but failed to kill this. “The order was made by Plahotniuc. I don’t know how the rest of the world sees him, but I consider him a career criminal and I know what I say. He found me in a moment when I had financial difficulties. I could not repay a debt and they offered me to do this,” Vitalie Proca stated in an exclusive interview for Jurnal TV channel, which was filmed in the Jilava Penitentiary, IPN reports.

Vitalie Proca said he was visited in jail by a prosecutor and an employee of the Embassy of Moldova in Bucharest. He was offered to help to frame a man in exchange for repatriation to Moldova and a milder punishment. He was told to make false statements about Renato Usatyi by saying that this ordered the assassination of German Gorbuntsov in London. “I refused as I have family. My ex-wife and children, the whole family is there, in Moldova, and I thought that this would have serious consequences. And it did, even if I didn’t say anything. My brother-in-law is still under arrest. My wife was taken from home, from near my children and was detained. I do not eat here the common food, as they say. For four years I have been watchful and look at those near me, what I buy, who and where comes from,” stated Proca.

According to him, Radu Chizhichenko came after that visit. “This, out of lack of experience, wrote on paper what I was to declare. I was to say that I was instigated by Renato Usatyi to make an attempt on German Gorbuntsov, to eliminate him. I asked him some questions that he answered. Moreover, he indicated on paper. I know in what I am involved and who is behind these things and know how mean these people are,” stated Vitalie Proca, noting that Chizhichenko revealed that he came directly from a person, with precise instructions from that person.

Proca was also told that if he does what he ought to, his brother-in-law and the others will be released, his wife will get back her car and the case will be dropped. Furthermore, he will receive half a million lei in tranches, in different forms. The initial tranche will be larger, while the rest of 50,000-70,000 lei each.

According to Proca, his family has been ‘hunted’ for over a year. His brother-in-law got 16 years. “Today they asked the paper and tomorrow he was sentenced to 16 years. At a certain moment, I decided that it cannot be worse. I was given 12 years and a half by a court. It seemed to them this is not enough. I was tried again and got 21 years and eight months in jail. I obtained the retrial of the case at the Supreme Court of Justice,” said the convict, adding he suffers from hepatitis, cirrhosis, TB and is a second-degree invalid and he has no hope of being released.

He addressed German Gorbuntsov, saying he indeed fired at him, but the wish and order came from another place. The order was made by Vlad Plahotniuc.

Vitalie Proca also addressed Ion Druta, alias Pisateli, saying they know a lot of things about each other and if he and others disclosed things, Druta would get about 200 years more in addition to those 20 he got. He noted he understands that Druta started to reveal things because he has children, family and because he is pressed and is afraid. “After that interview, in several days he was transferred to the hospital of Pruncul Penitentiary and is under state guard. No one can come close to him. He is guarded round-the-clock,” stated Proca.

He also said he assumes responsibility for what he did and urges Vlad Plahotniuc to also do so. ”Sooner or later, my confessions will have consequences. The competent authorities will decide if these are credible or not. Yes, it is harder to accuse a man who has billions. It is very hard. If it had been about an ordinary person, this would have been arrested for 30 days after these statements. In the case of Plahotniuc, it is much harder as he controls everything, starting from justice and ending with politics and laws. He is on horse, but the horse can yet limp. We cannot fear endlessly a person who did a lot of evil,” said Vitalei Proca.

Three days ago, the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases gave a news conference where there was presented the scheme of the murder attempt on businessman German Gorbuntsov. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the murder of Gorbuntsov was ordered by the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi, while the executor Vitalie Proca was to later name Vlad Plahotniuc as the one who ordered the murder, in exchange for a sum of money. In connection with this fact, they asked that Usatyi should be extradited from Russia. In September, the Russian authorities rejected the request for the reason that Usatyi has Russian nationally as well, but this yet remains on the wanted list. The prosecutors also said that the Russians block the interrogation of Vitalie Proca, who is held in a jail in Romania.

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