Vitalie Marinuța: Russians plan to achieve an important victory on the front by May 9

Ukraine is in a difficult period of the war due to the lack of weapons and the fatigue on the front. According to former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova Vitalie Marinuța, Ukraine is facing an acute shortage of weapons. The thesis was also confirmed by deputy director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) Mihai Mogîldea, who said that the most important support for the Ukrainian army should come from Washington, but the US Congress delays approving the $61 billion aid for Ukraine, IPN reports

Mihai Mogîldea noted that in the absence of Western military aid, Ukraine is in a bad position in front of Russia. The US Congress is delaying to approve the $61 billion in aid for Ukraine and Russia therefore enjoys considerable advantages on the front.

“Ukraine has lacked massive support from the West on the arms dimension. The fact that $61 billion in support for Ukraine has been blocked in the US Congress for more than half a year has greatly affected Ukraine’s resistance to Russian attacks. Moreover, the money coming from the European Union, although important, does not meet the Ukrainian needs. Today Ukraine is fighting with a capacity that is several times smaller than Russia’s. For example, if Ukraine has one bullet, Russia has ten. This ratio was several times lower a few months ago, but today it is so high because of the delay in the supply of munitions from the West. President Zelensky warned that Ukraine cannot resist long in such a situation and needs urgent support. And the most important support must come from Washington – $61 billion,” IPRE deputy director Mihai Mogîldea stated in the talk show “Good evening” on the public television channel.

Ex-Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuța said the situation on the front has worsened considerably after Russia managed to capture the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. Russia today has advantages on the front both in terms of human capabilities and military equipment and ammunition.

“Military experts around the world say that we are currently in one of the most difficult situations since the beginning of the war. There are a number of aspects that put us, those who monitor this situation, on alert. Within a year, neither side had managed to gain a strategic advantage on the front line. There were tactical advantages, a village was gained or a village was ceded. But this situation started to change with the fall of Avdiivka on February 17. From that moment, Russia has had advantages because Ukraine has a great shortage of weapons and the fatigue of Ukrainian fighters is also felt. The number of people Russia can put on the front line and the number of people Ukraine can put on the front line is different. As the weather became warmer, it is dry and Russia was able to make of use of armored equipment, tanks. The Russians planned by May 9 to achieve a victory of which they would be proud. Russia changed its tactics and made the weaponry be with much greater precision,” said Vitalie Marinuța.

Russia currently controls 18% of the Ukrainian territory. The front line spreads over 1,000 kilometers.

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