Vitalie Marinuța: PVE comes with solutions to key problems of Moldova

The Ecologist Green Party (PVE) pleads for the protection of nature and of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. According to the party’s leader Vitalie Marinuța, the PVE is not a puppet in someone’s hands. It is the only party in Moldova that is a full-fledged member of a European party – the European Green Party that is the fourth political force in the European Parliament.

“The Ecologist Green Party comes to solve the main problems of the country with the support of the foreign partners. Don‘t go to cast a convenient vote or to vote for those who appeared yesterday,” Vitalie Marinuța stated in the first electoral debate of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” that are staged by IPN News Agency.

According to the PVE leader, the party he represents is the only party that places the respect for the human rights at the forefront. The party’s list of candidates for MP is topped by Olga Afanas, who is disabled, but who worked hard and has a master’s degree and significant intellectual abilities. “We want to show that everyone has the right to chances,” he stated.

Vitalie Marinuța noted that civic activist Oleg Brega, who was dragged, beaten by the police and who is wanted near by all those who have criminal cases started again them, is the second. The third position is taken by a woman who worked abroad for 15 years and now returned home to do something. The mayor of Bălăurești village Alexandru Ionel, who worked outside the country and also returned to do something in the village, is under No. 4.

Vitalie Marinuța said he is the sixth on the list as the PVE lays emphasis on the team and, as a leader, he aims to build leaders as the country needs these to really solve the problems existing in the country.

The leader of the PVE came with a message to all the ethnic groups living in Moldova, saying time has come to cross at green. The PVE realized what’s happening to the Nistru, to all the rivers, wells and air and realized that the air will be soon unbreathable. Vitalie Marinuța called on the citizens to go and vote reasonably on July 11, namely for the Ecologist Green Party as it’s time to become green and bring the green wave at home.

In the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, the Green Ecologist Party will be under No. 15 on the ballot.

The first electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand - 2021” also involved the representatives of the Political Party “NOI” and of the “New Historical Option” Party.

IPN’s second electoral debate set for June 30, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders the Party of Change, the Shor Party and “Democracy at Home” Party.

IPN Agency holds the electoral debates as part of the series of debates “Developing Political Culture Though Public Debates” with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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