Virgiliu Pâslariuc: Fighting of poverty and stealing are key objectives of Maia Sandu

The fighting of corruption and stealing in the Republic of Moldova are part of the key objectives of the electoral program of the PAS candidate for President Maia Sandu, Sandu’s representative Virgiliu Pâslariuc said in IPN’s electoral debateWe and the President: who elects who, who represents who?”

The small pensions, shortage of jobs, massive migration form part of the set of problems identified by the PAS candidate in meetings with voters. The pensioners are the most vulnerable section that heard only promises as regards the rise in pensions from Igor Dodon as the 1% increase in pensions is like an insult to the people.

“We know that the minimum pension does not cover at least the minimum subsistence level. That’s why this problem became one of the preoccupations of Maia Sandu in the cooperation with the new European government that we hope will be installed,” stated the MP.

He noted the people complain that they do not have jobs and cannot maintain their families. The economy does not function also owing to the schemes that reappeared after the Sandu Government was removed. Pressure is exerted by the authorities on the small and medium-sized businesses. As a President, Maia Sandu aims to simplify the regulations based on which the SMEs work.

The MP considers that if the office of President is held by a representative of the right who enjoys credibility, the volume of investments in the country’s economy will be larger and there will be more jobs.

Virgiliu Pâslariuc noted the situation in the country is precarious and Moldova is among the countries with the worst results during the pandemic. The measures taken by the current government are absolutely criminal, with over 1,000 people who died, institutions that turned into hotbeds of infection and people who are afraid to go to the hospital.

“We suspect there is political motivation that could be related to the elections as they juggle with the figures, either decreasing them or raising the number of done tests and the number of infections rises as a result,” stated the MP, noting that the current government cannot ensure security and this problem has very serious economic consequences.

The electoral debate “We and the President: who elects who, who represents who?” forms part of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency in the framework of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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