“Victory” bloc means start of implementation of a real destabilization program for Moldova, opinion

The creation in Moscow of the “Victory/Pobeda” bloc, made up of politicians affiliated to the Shor group, means the start of the execution phase of a real destabilization program for the Republic of Moldova, said Igor Munteanu, chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB), which is part of the political bloc “Together”. According to him, Moscow bets on Ilan Shor as a “spearhead” for a scenario of subversion and coup, suggesting that it chose him and not other competitors because his style and techniques are more understandable to it, and this means that his plans will enjoy money, recognition and support without limits, IPN reports.

Igor Munteanu said that the Moldovans are not loved in the Kremlin. And this is because, in his opinion, greater dissatisfaction with the political options in Chisinau has accumulated and Moscow seems more and more disturbed by the involvement of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, but also of other Western partners. Similarly, it goes to the recognition of the EU candidate status, which runs counter, according to Russian narratives, to the neutrality status of the Republic of Moldova, which ignores the “Transnistrian interests” and would be “a defiance of the Russian strategy for exercising the role of hegemon of the former Soviet space.

“Last week, in Moscow, a “sabbath” of pro-Russian parties was held to announce the “Pobeda” bloc, which brought out on the stage of a luxury hotel in the Russian capital a series of characters that are similarly strange and known for their pro-Putinist options – Yevgenia Guțul, the so-called “bashkan” of ATU Gagauzia, MPs Marina Tauber, Vasile Bolea, leader of the “Chance” Party Alexei Lungu and also other people who were definitely assigned particular roles in this witches festival (sabbath). We see that the unification of the “pro-Russian parties” takes place around Ilan Shor, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Ilan Shor was put on several lists of international sanctions, but this represents for Moscow a good recommendation rather than an obstacle in its plans for the Republic of Moldova,” said Igor Munteanu.

The CUB leader noted that many wonder why Shor is the favorite in this scenario and he considers that Ilan Shor is “the ideal mercenary recipe, executor of the most radical subversion scenarios, devoid of local emotions (family, relatives), which could influence his autonomous decisions, a reason tested even by Comintern”.

“Ilan Shor is from this point of view a very special character for his FSB masters, who build their interventions on maximally radical measures tested directly in action, as contrasting as possible and executed with as much conspiracy as possible. Since 2012, the year when Ilan Shor was introduced to the BEM board, Ilan has developed extensive networks of “blotting” companies registered in various offshore jurisdictions, Russian banks, trust funds and networks of local kleptocrats, which he automatically co-opted into Russian interests, coordinated by the FSB. Through him, Moscow gave a deadly blow to the reputation of the AEI, strongly affecting its coordination body exactly in the year when the Republic of Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU in Brussels. Ten years later, Moscow once again has all the reasons to respond. 2024 is the year when the European Parliament and Commission change, the year in which the Republic of Moldova is anxiously waiting for the official launch of negotiations, which depend not only on the quality of its teams, but also on internal stability, continuity and political unity,” stated Igor Munteanu.

According to him, Russia now has even more reasons to come back with a counter-scenario in 2024 because its stakes are higher than in 2014 and the risk of losing a strategic game against the West is more painful.

A series of politicians affiliated to the Shor group created on Sunday in Moscow the political bloc “Victory”, which aims to unite the opposition against the current government and change the pro-European orientation of the Republic of Moldova by restoring the relations with the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union. Representatives of the ruling party called the action “treason”.

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