Victor Parlicov: Decision to take gas for right side from Gazprom wasn’t coordinated

Moldovagaz didn’t coordinate the decision to take gas from Gazprom for the needs of the right side of the Nistru with the Ministry of Energy, said Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov. According to him, Moldovagaz took a part of the gas that hadn’t been consumed by the Transnistrian region. He considers the renegotiation of the contract with Gazprom is inopportune until the audit of the debts of the right side of the Nistru is not finished, IPN reports.

The official requested that Moldovagaz should purchase natural gas for the right side from Energocom. The request was made after the company during four days purchased a part of the gas supplied by Gazprom to the Transnistrian region, which hadn’t been used on the left side.

“The decision was taken by Moldovagaz and it wasn’t coordinated with the Ministry. Moldovagaz decided not to lose the unused amount of the 5.7 million m3 a day supplied to the left side and to buy it for the right side. I consider it wasn’t necessary to purchase these volumes for the right bank. I believe Moldovagaz should further buy the amount needed for the right side from Energocom,” Victor Parlicov said in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The minister also said that the renegotiation of the contract with Gazprom hasn’t been discussed yet and such a decision can be taken only after the debt audit is completed.

“The terms of the contract are not obeyed now. They invoke the absence of an audit and of a solution for repaying the debts collected by the right side. They consider they have the right not to respect the contract. This is a contract that ensures the so-called unstable balance. The return to the discussion about an eventual new contract or the renegotiation of the current contract will be opportune only after the divergences accumulated until now are settled. When the audit is completed, we will discuss how to solve the debt problem and the renegotiation can be raised afterward,” stated Victor Parlicov.

On Tuesday, Moldovagaz announced that during four days it bought by 500,000 m3 of gas a day from the amount supplied to Tiraspoltransgaz, which remained unused. For its part, the Ministry of Energy said that Energocom stored sufficient gas for providing the right side with gas and this gas was earlier purchased at a price similar to that proposed by Gazprom.

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