Victor Chironda: We want to organize a City Hall that works for people and does not engage in politics

Victor Chironda, Social-Political Movement "Forța Nouă" candidate, said that, along with his team, he intends to organize a City Hall that works for the people and does not engage in politics. Additionally, he aims to shape a Chișinău Municipal Council that is concerned with the problems of the citizens, not with the political and party interests. The candidate made the statements at the "Only one out of many: who and why?" public debates, organized by the IPN Press Agency.

The mayoral hopeful said that he is betting on voters who are tired of politics in Chișinău. "I bet on voters who want responsible representatives, who know how to solve the problems which the capital is facing, who differentiate between a bicycle lane and a buffered bike lane, who know how to properly set up a sidewalk or a public space and who know how to organize public transportation systems, so that the city is no longer suffocated by congestion”, said Victor Chironda.

"While the election race is free, it is not exactly fair. It does not seem right to me that the expected winners of the mayoral race do not participate at all in public debates and do not express their opinions along with other mayoral hopefuls. From the start, this implies that the race is not fair. However, the citizens will appreciate the real value of this behavior and will cast their votes for the candidates who address city issues and who are ready to solve these issues", said the candidate.

Victor Chironda said that, unlike politicians who only concern themselves with the city over the course of election campaigns, along with his team, he has always tackled city problems. "However, it is far more difficult to tackle the issues facing the city from the outside than from  City Hall, especially when City Hall officials put their political and personal interests above the citizens' interests." The candidate said that he runs along with a team of young professionals, who are specialized in ensuring the quality of roads and sidewalks, pedestrian safety and traffic. The candidate aims to tackle traffic jams, to organize parking places, kindergartens and to provide education for each child.

Victor Chironda added that he intends to ensure transparency in both the City Hall and in the Chișinău Municipal Council, because the lack of transparency leads to failed projects and wasted investments. According to him, as evidence of a failed project is the example of Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard and other streets that have recently been repaired. The candidate said that during the 2014-2015 period he has requested numerous times for these projects to be made public and to be consulted with independent experts, but to no avail.

"We were ignored and, as a result, millions of euros that were spent on the renovation of Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard were simply wasted. Currently, we have a poorly repaired street, funded by borrowed money. We run for office because we want to deal with citizens' problems. We want to shape a city that provides its citizens with opportunities, comfort and safety. These are simple things, which were not previously provided, because usually both Municipal Council and City Hall officials are concerned with their political interests and the organization of cringey political shows in front of the cameras. However, the council works well when it comes to the distribution of public goods”, said Victor Chironda.

The next debate is scheduled for October 16.

The second round of the "Only one out of many: who and why?" electoral debate, which involves the participation of mayoral hopefuls for Chișinău municipality, is the 119th edition of the "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.

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