Retrospective of the electoral events of September 24, 2019

Vladimir Cebotari urges electoral competitors to apply rules of conduct in the campaign

Vladimir Cebotari, the PDM candidate for the position of general mayor of Chisinau, urged the electoral competitors to apply codes of conduct in the electoral campaign for the local elections on October 20. During a press briefing held in front of Chisinau City Hall, the candidate stated that he wanted this campaign to be one based on ideas and visions, where the competence would make a difference for the citizens' vote.

Vladimir Cebotari called for putting an end to any electoral fraud, for not giving any grounds or reasons to citizens not to believe anymore in the polls, nor giving them the impression that their vote would be stolen.

The PDM candidate also said that on Saturday, September 21, we witnessed how the candidate of ACUM DA PAS bloc, Andrei Năstase, launched his electoral campaign without being registered in the race. During the event, maintains Vladimir Cebotari, there were distributed electoral materials financed from a certain electoral fund from which they were not entitled to spend even one leu. Vladimir Cebotari has lodged appeals, hoping that these illegalities will not be overlooked.


The PPEM has decided to get actively involved in local elections

The European People's Party of Moldova (PPEM) has decided to get actively involved in the general local elections on October 20. At a press conference, the party's interim leader, Eugen Sturza, has said that the party has teams of professionals and visionary people at local level, who know and can modernize the settlements.

"We took the decision not to repeat the mistakes made in the past, when due to our noble intentions not to split the pro-European right, neither at the new local elections of 2018, nor at the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019, we left the parties with chances to be the only representatives of our European vector”, stated the interim leader of the PPEM.

Eugen Sturza has also mentioned that the head of state, Igor Dodon, is preparing to subdue Chisinau to the interests of Russia, but the PPEM will make every effort to prevent this from happening. The interim leader of the PPEM claims that today the socialists are fully using the administrative resources and are modifying the local budget so that they can benefit at the elections, "by establishing all kinds of tourist inscriptions and attractions, which they have brazenly appropriated, even if they are made with the money of all city dwellers”.


Victor Chironda: City Hall must be the driving force for changes and reforms

Victor Chironda, the candidate of „Forța Noua”/"New Force" Social-Political Movement for the position of Chisinau mayor, says he wants to take the capital out of the political realm and turn it into a city of the people. During the launching of his election campaign, Victor Chironda stated that he intended to make Chisinau a city where comfort, opportunities and safety were within everyone's reach. Victor Chironda says he is coming to the City Hall with a team of young professionals, a new force, to change things for the better in the interests of Chisinau dwellers.

His electoral program is focused on the problems of the people and the needs of the city. Victor Chironda plans to develop a high quality, efficient public transportation network and to arrange parking lots on the streets and near residential blocks. The candidate pleads for the repair of the outdated apartment blocks, wants to develop an educational system for everybody and one destined for cleaning and sanitation. Another item of his electoral program is pedestrian safety, easing the traffic flow, but also the capitalization of the Bâc river, the main water source in the city.

"The City Hall should be the main driving force for the changes and reforms necessary for the city to provide opportunities, amenities and safety. I and my team want to, are able to and know how to achieve these objectives,” said the candidate. As for the money needed to carry out these activities, Victor Chironda has mentioned that financial sources exist in the budget, only they are used "on trifles or on corruption schemes."

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