Veterans urged to take part in general assembly in central Chisinau on Feb. 8

 A group of veterans of Moldova call on all the war veterans to come to a general assembly that will be held in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau on February 8 and contribute to creating a veterans union. In a news conference at IPN, representatives of the initiative group said the assembly is to adopt a resolution with veterans’ demands that will be submitted to the Government.

Victor Ciobanu, the representative of the initiative group, said the Veterans Union will bring together all the 54 organizations existing at present. According to him, within one union the veterans will be a force and their voice will be heard by the authorities. He called upon his comrades to come to the assembly and to demand to restore the concessions given to them by the first Parliament. He also urged them not to listen to the government’s envoys in districts who advise them not to join in.

Victor Ciobanu noted that the veterans will demand the social rights they deserve. Of a series of concessions granted 28 years ago, currently the veterans enjoy only an allowance of 300 lei and the right to travel free by public transport. “We want to bring together all the veterans so that we are a family. Our cause is just and the victory will be ours. If we are united, we will succeed,” he stated.

The veterans will also seek free rehabilitation treatment once a year, free tickets to sanatorium once a year and free medicines for veterans and their families. Another demand is to compensate 50% of the payments for public utilities. They will also ask to be offered pieces of land and non-reimbursable loans for building homes, monthly allowances of 1,700 lei, annual allowances on February 23, March 2 and August 27.

Igor Afanasă, of the initiative group, reminded that in January the veterans mounted a protest in front of the Government building and presented their demands to the Premier. “We want the benefits we enjoyed earlier to be returned to us. We do not want more. We aim to unite the veterans around a nucleus so that they are not dispersed,” he stated.

The members of the initiative group warn that if they are not heard this time again, drastic reactions will follow.

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