Veronica Dragalin: APO will not take time to read tens of thousands of messages

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) will not devote attention to the leaks that appeared in the public sphere. The institution’s chief noted that the prosecutors are busy with the cases of corruption and will not leave their activities aside for reading tens of thousands of messages whose authenticity hasn’t been proven. The APO will examine the presupposed discussions of state officials, but only if the persons involved file complaints, IPN reports.

Veronica Dragalin said that the existence of a website where discussions that allegedly involve public figures is not an argument for launching an investigation.

“The leaking of information, even from the accounts of private individuals or people holding important posts, is an illegality. Such a document as the website that publishes information cannot serve as evidence as we cannot determine its authenticity. If we don’t know who created the website and how messages appear there, who can post and remove messages, this is not evidence. It does not mean that every word written on the site is a fact,” Veronica Dragalin stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

According to the chief anticorruption prosecutor, the so-called “kulyok” episode based on which a criminal case was started against ex-President Igor Dodon is fully different from the leaks case. A conversation in the form of text can be easily counterfeited, but this is not possible in the case of videos.

“When we see a video, everyone can realize if this is genuine or not. In accordance with the law, we are obliged to respond to the requests or complaints we receive. There are tens of thousands of messages on that website. I don’t know if the citizens would want the prosecutors to stop work on concrete cases of corruption and start to read tens of thousands of messages whose authenticity we cannot determine. If citizens are featured in these messages and they want to inform us about this, they can do it. The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office will not take time to read tens of thousands of messages to see what they say. We have concrete complaints,” stated Veronica Dragalin.

Discussions that were allegedly taken from the Telegram accounts of Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco, Minister of the Interior Ana Revenco, Minister of Economy Dumitru Alaiba, presidential adviser Dorin Recean and former PLDM MP Vadim Pistrinciuc appeared in the public sphere. Some of those involved partially confirmed the authenticity of the conversations.

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