Vasile Sinigur: Mafia in Moldova fabricates criminal cases by order

Vasile Sinigur said he is the victim of criminal cases fabricated against him because he allegedly generates hatred between ethnic groups. According to him, the mafia in the Republic of Moldova fabricates criminal cases by order against patriots, not yet against those who steal billions, take bribe, betray the state. The activist does not recognize the cases started against him, including the one that he got after he said that all those who live in the Republic of Moldova should know the official language.

“This criminal case was started by order of Irina Vlah (Bashkan of ATU Gagauzia, e.n.) because I thwarted her plans with the airport. A military airport was to be built in Ceadâr-Lunga and I upset the plan. Now that her prosecutor general, Alexandr Stoianoglo, was appointed, she makes him bright criminal proceedings against me,” Vasile Sinigur stated in a news conference at IPN.

As to the protest mounted near the Government Building, where a door was broken with a mace, Vasile Sinigur said that of 10,000 people who took part in that protest, only he is to be held accountable.

Vasile Sinigur is disappointed with the fact that criminal cases against patriots are started, but against those who take bribe are not. Those involved in treason, espionage and who kidnap people and take them to the Transnistrian region are also not investigated. The authorities and the responsible bodies do not react when the former Transnistrian leader Igor Smirnov flies freely through the Chisinau International Airport.

According to the activist, the laws in the Republic of Moldova are made for those who are in power so that these could punish the ordinary people, freeing those who betray the state from punishment.

Activist Vladimir Ciorici in the same news conference said that a solid basis for this state hasn’t been laid since the start so that each citizen knows the language, culture and history. Now those from the diaspora are called a “parallel world”, while the citizens from Transnistrian region who are bought are Moldovans whose rights should not be violated.

Maria Shavanova, of the same group, said that she does not want to cause hared between ethnic groups, but no one can force the natives to show respect for another ethnic group when this does not respect you and goes against the native people.

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