Vasile Grădinaru about Tatiana Răducanu’s integrity: There is presumption of innocence

This is a despicable act meant to frustrate the extraordinary assessment of prosecutors and judges, the deputy chairman of the Parliament’s legal commission Vasile Grădinaru said following reports about the fact that Tatiana Răducanu, a former member of the pre-vetting and vetting commissions, allegedly has connections with Vyacheslav Platon and Ilan Shor. For his part, the chairman of the Party of Change Ștefan Gligor said that the scandal targeting Tatiana Răducanu was supposedly planned by the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Veronica Dragalin, who presumably aims to stop the assessment of prosecutors, IPN reports.

The member of the pre-vetting and vetting commission Tatiana Răducanu resigned yesterday after information about her links with controversial businessman Vyacheslav Platon and fugitive convict Ilan Shor appeared in the public space. According to a letter signed by the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Veronica Dragalin, Răducanu allegedly executed the orders of Vyacheslav Platon and Ilan Shor’s main lawyer Aureliu Kolenko.

“This is not the first nor the last attack on a member of the assessment committee. It is obvious that those who are to be assessed will fiercely fight to thwart this process. But we are sending them the message that the assessment will take place anyway. Such an attack is despicable. I’m not aware of the materials of the case and we shouldn’t have known such information. But since this information appeared in public, I wonder why it appeared precisely now, when prosecutors are to be assessed? Why for ten years, these brave prosecutors, who discovered the information, haven’t used this information? Why isn’t the Prosecutor’s Office advancing in the billion theft, but when it comes to Mrs. Răducanu, they have advanced? I tend to think that Mrs. Răducanu is an upright person. I trust her. If there are materials that can prove particular facts, they should be demonstrated and sent to court. Until then, there is the presumption of innocence,” Vasile Grădinaru stated in the talk show “Resumé” on RliveTV channel.

Ștefan Gligor noted that the attack of the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office against Tatiana Răducanu is presumably meant to compromise the vetting of prosecutors.

“What Veronica Dragalin has done is an act of sabotage against the justice sector reform, against the pre-vetting and vetting commission. Moreover, it is a slap to President Maia Sandu. Veronica Dragalin has a personal grudge against the pre-vetting commission that didn’t give a good grade to her deputy Vasile Plevan, who is suspected of committing service offenses. Veronica Dragalin continues the saga of defending and preserving the situation at the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, which needs to be cleaned up and reformed. What Veronica Dragalin has done means violation of the prosecutor’s Code of Ethics and it is a criminal offense stipulated in the Criminal Code. It goes to disclosure of information within the investigation of a criminal case,” said the chairman of the Party of Change.

Tatiana Răducanu was appointed by Parliament as a member of the pre-vetting and vetting commissions. She also serves as a member of the Supreme Security Council.

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