Valentin Dolganiuc: Moldova has flunked the test of time and history

Everything that Moldova has today is exclusively the merit of the Romanians of Bessarabia, who "keep the holy candle lit: the independence, the tricolor and the Romanian language". The first Parliament belonged to the people, it expressed popular will, which materialized as the vote for sovereignty, the tricolor, the anthem "Deșteaptă-te, române!", the Independence and Europeanization. Asked by IPN, Valentin Dolganiuc, member of the first Parliament, expressed his opinion regarding Moldova's present situation, 28 years after the proclamation of independence.

In 1990, the first democratically elected Parliament was established. Valentin Dolganiuc says that the history of the year 1918 was repeating itself, without us being aware. The most active MPs were the people with Romanian ethnic consciousness, who realized that the territory of the Republic of Moldova can only be saved by returning to the Romanian national space. "Every effort has been directed towards achieving this goal. It was a life-or-death fight. The empire was still strong and criminal denationalization was leaving its mark” recalls the former deputy.

According to Valentin Dolganiuc, sadly, "history repeated itself as a hoax and the Russian empire returned to Moldova by committing its first criminal act - the Dniester war, initiated by Russia in 1992". According to the first Parliament MP, "the fifth column of the Russian empire and their tools were set in motion and managed to torpedo the return of Bessarabia to the "national space of becoming" (re-unification with Romania), as specified in the declaration of independence". "Moreover, it was possible to stop the  Euro-Atlantic integration process and to keep Moldova in Moscow's orbit", said Valentin Dolganiuc.

According to the former MP, Moldova has flunked the test of time and history. The Romanians from the east of Prut have always shown  their revolt against foreign occupation, especially the occupation of 1812. "The Tsarist Russian Empire swallowed Bessarabia and started to denationalize it. In 1918, there were no Romanian schools on this territory and religious services in church were held exclusively in Russian”.

Subsequently, says Valentin Dolganiuc, "the astral moment of the Romanians came on March 27, 1918, when Bessarabia returned to its natural national territory - the Romanian territory." “The act of great courage of members of Sfatul Țării led to the rapid development of Bessarabia, led to the increase of the population's intellectual level and their active participation in the development of the country. The USSR, in a criminal manner, occupied Bessarabia again in 1940 and 1944, taking possession of this territory for half a century. The slaughter of the population, organized famine, deportations and other imperial "instruments" decimated about one million people.

The former MP claims that, currently, it is ascertained that Russia has once again seized the Romanian national territory east of Prut. "The denationalization continues, the criminal empire does whatever it wants, the population irreversibly leaves and darkness spreads over Bessarabia".

On August 27, 1991, 28 years ago, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence, a document signed by 278 deputies. The yearly celebration of this founding act is marked as Independence Day. The original Declaration burned during the 2009 protests in Chisinau, but was recreated in 2010.

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