Vadim Glazman, Russian journalist: Russia’s crimes take place with tacit consent of population

The unwelcoming attitude towards the citizens of the Russian Federation, many of whom support the “Russian world” ideology, is justified in the Republic of Moldova, Russian journalist Vadim Glazman, who asked for political asylum in Moldova, stated in a public debate hosted by IPN. According to the journalist, most of the citizens of the Russian Federation support the expansionist policy of the regime of Putin and perceive Russia as a great empire, IPN reports.

Vadim Glazman said that he left Russia three years ago and cut all ties with this state that he considers aggressive. The position of many European states that do not accept Russians who flee from Vladimir Putin’s mobilization is reasonable.

“The attitude of Europe to Russia is explicable. Those states that have been affected during many years by the Russian expansion evidently have a negative attitude to Russia, as is the case with the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic. Those who didn’t suffer due to Russia’s actions have a more tolerant attitude. Russia during many centuries has staged genocide and crimes against many nations. Moldova also suffered a lot due to the Russians. The deportations are a proof of this. Therefore, Moldova should be very attentive with regard to those who come from Russia, especially those who try to flee from mobilization. What Putin launched is not mobilization, but utilization,” stated Vadim Glazman.

Moreover, the journalist considers that a large part of the Russians citizens support the expansionist policy of Vladimir Putin. According to him, Ukraine in the Russian perception is not a country but a state created artificially.

“Who are those who flee now from mobilization? Are they the victims of the regime of Putin? Is only Putin to blame for what is going on? Surely not only he. The Russian people have had imperial thinking for centuries. In Russia, the people are dissatisfied with the internal policy, salaries, corruption, stealing. But they support the foreign policy of the country’s administration. A mate of mine, a doctor of history who opposes the regime of Putin, supports the foreign policy pursued by Vladimir Putin. He said that Crimea belongs to Russia while the Ukrainian language is not a language. Therefore, I think you should be very careful with regard to those who flee from mobilization,” stated Vadim Glazman.

He noted that the people of Russia are an accomplice to the crimes committed by the government as they do not put up resistance to the regime of Putin. The government in Moscow is an emanation of the people that have the same imperial thinking as the administration.

“Russia’s administration didn’t fall from the sky. All the witnessed crimes are committed with the tacit consent of the population. During many years, everyone worked for this regime and no one did anything even if there were such antagonists as Boris Nemtsov. We must realize that the people who flee Russia now support the “Russian world” ideology. They want Russia to exist as an empire but without Vladimir Putin,” noted the journalist.

The public debate entitled “About the Moldovan state’s and society’s attitude to persons who flee from mobilization in Russia, with and without Moldovan nationality” was the 263rd installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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