UNITEM Gala awards best actors and plays of 2018

The best actors and plays of 2018 were awarded at the 17th UNITEM Awards Gala held on March 26. The play “Collector” put on at the Geneza Art Theater was named the best dramatic play, while director Vitalie Drucec, of the Chisinau Theater “Mihai Eminescu” was awarded for the best theatrical production, IPN reports.

There were conferred two Excellence Awards – one on Valeriu Cazacu, actor of the Theater “I. L. Caragiale” and another one on Emil Boroghina, actor and director of the International Festival “Shakespeare” of Craiova, Romania. The Special Jury Award went to the play “Dear Pamela” staged by actors of the Ceadir-Lunga Theater “D. Tanasoglu”. Iurie Matei, of “Mihai Eminescu”, won the Award for the Best Scenography Production.

Dana Ciobanu, of the Geneza Art Theater, was named Best Actress. Rodica Ciobanu, of the Cahul Theater “B. P. Hasdeu”, won the Award for the Best Supporting Actress. The Special Award for Creation in the Lyrical Theater went to Vladimir Zaklikovski, soloist of the National Opera House “Maria Biesu”. The play “Harap Alb” put on by “Guguta” Theater was named the best children’s play, while Valentin Zuza of the same theater was awarded for the best part in a puppet theater.

Alexandru Plesca, of the Theater “Mihai Eminescu” and Sergey Vokulovskii, of the Tiraspol Theater “N. Aronetskaya”, got the Award for Best Actor. Gennady Gilca, of “Mihai Eminescu”, won the Award for the Best Supporting Actor. Olga Byzina, of “N. Aronetskaya”, was awarded for the best theatrical costumes. Lilian Caraus and Mariana Drozdova, of the Theater “A. P. Chekhov”, were awarded for the best choreography and bodily expression, while Liviu Stirbu won the Award for the Best Musical Production at the Theater “Ginta Latina”.

The UNITEM President Awards for TV Chronicle went to Victor Burla, orchestra artist at “Maria Biesu” House, and to TV editor Lidia Popodneac, for Acting to Irina Boiarchin, actress of the Theater “Licurici” and to Arcel Ioseliani, actor of “A. P. Chekhov”, for Management to Marinela Tepus, director of the Bucharest Theater “Nottara”, and to Eugeniu Matcovschi, actor of the Theater “I. L. Caragiale”.

The Award “Nadejda Aronetskaya” went to Angela Ciobanu, actress of “Mihai Eminescu”. The Award “Nelly Cameneva” was won by Alla Tuz-Haret, actress of “A. P. Chekhov”. Iulia Shumanschi, actress of the Balti Theater “V. Alexandri”, won the Award “Anatol Pinzaru”, while Nicu Tarna, actor of “Ginta Latina” Theater, and Rodica Zbirciog, actress of “B. P. Hasdeu” Theater, got the Award “Ion-Sandri Scurea”.

Arcadie Racila, actor of “I. L. Caragiale”, received the Award “Constantin Constantinov”. Director of “Luceafarul” Theater Boris Focsa and the play “Snow Queen” presented at “A. P. Chekhov” were conferred the Award “Veniamin Apostol”. The Award “Victor Ciutac” went to “N. Aronetskaya” Theater. The Award “Pavel Proca” was given to Constantin Stavrat, actor of “Vasile Alexandri” Theater of Balti, and to the play “The Goat and Her Three Kids” put on at “Licurici” Theater.

The play “The Bus” produced at the Theater “From the Rose Street” won the Award “Eugenia Todorascu”. “A.P. Chekhov” actor Valeriu Braga won the Award “Petru Baracci”. Doina Nimijan, actress of the Theater “Licurici”, got the Award “Titus Jukov”. The Award “Eugeniu Ureche” went to Ioan Paulencu, soloist of “Maria Biesu”. Academician Mihai Cimpoi won the Award “Leonid Cemortan”, while “Luceafarul” Theater director Boris Focsa got the Award “Alexandru Fediko”.

The award of the dramaturgy contest was won by poet Irina Nechit. The best backstage staff members were: Valentina Kolosenko, make-up artist at “Maria Biesu”, Angela Gherman, head of the props section of the Balti Theater “V. Alecsandri”, and Tatiana Makovenko, of “Licurici” Theater.

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