Unionists and pro-European forces divided before snap elections

The parties that promote the Union desideratum and the pro-European parties are far from reaching a compromise over the combination of forces before the snap parliamentary elections. Representatives of the PPPDA said they proposed unifying the pro-European and unionist segments, but their proposal was rejected. The PAS stated they will compete individually in elections, while the unionists announced they will soon form a common platform that will not include the PUN, IPN reports.

The representatives of the PPPDA said the formation of a pro-European bloc of the right for the next elections is out of the question, even if they pleaded for unity before the election date was announced.

“The PPPDA back in January suggested that all the forces of the right should unite, but our proposal was turned down. The PPPDA will contend in elections alone and will ask for the citizens’ vote, as we consider this is right,” the party’s secretary general Ion Terguță stated in the talk show “Expertise Hour” on Jurnal TV channel.

At the same time, the representatives of the PAS noted the formula of the former ACUM Bloc is outdated, while the individual participation of parties in elections is necessary in order to reveal the potential of each party.

“We should not follow the idea of the ACUM Bloc. The ACUM Bloc had a clear mandate and functioned for a definite period of time. There is no tragedy if each party will compete independently. I’m sure there are enough votes for all the candidates who will show to the people that they can represent their interests,” said PAS MP Dumitru Alaiba.

Some of the unionist forces said they will form a common platform for the elections, but the National Unity Party (PUN) led by Octavian Țîcu will not be part of the new electoral entity.

“AUR is an integral part of the Union Political Movement. The unionists will not be divided. We will run together with our mates from the Union Political Movement, which is the only Romanian unity force. All the others consider they will manage on their own, but this goes against the union notion. I assure you that AUR will not run separately, neglecting the other unionist forces. On the contrary, we will compete together on an electoral platform,” stated AUR leader Vlad Biletski.

The Central Election Commission said that 53 parties and sociopolitical organizations can take part in the snap parliamentary elections of July 11.

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