Union with Romania, revitalization of Moldova and good times for country. Views of candidates at IPN’s third electoral debate

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) promises to bring closer and forge Moldova’s union with Romania. The Party of Law and Justice pledges to revitalize Moldova in all the spheres, while the Party of Action and Solidarity promises to ensure good times for all the citizens. These are some of the electoral promises formulated by the politicians invited to IPN’s third electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”.

In his presentation message, AUR president Vlad Biletski said the party was founded one year and a half ago in Romania. “We want to have unionist and patriotic MPs in the Parliaments of the two Romanian states so that we could bring closer and ensure the union. Justice, better living conditions and prosperity come from Romania and the EU. The faster we realize this, the earlier we will live better,” stated Vlad Biletski.

He noted that the party’s slogan is “Vote AUR, choose Romania”. According to him, Romania is a model of development that should be followed by the Republic of Moldova. Making reference to the year 1991, Vlad Biletski reminded that the Republic of Moldova then had an economic development index slightly higher than Romania’s. “Thirty years passed and justice in Romania works, the salaries and pensions are three-four times higher, while we, those from the Republic of Moldova, chose to follow another path, to strengthen the state, to be on friendly terms with the East and the West and became a captured state with thieves and bandits in power. I’m firmly convinced that in such a state configuration, we can no longer repair anything or only a little,” stated Vlad Biletski. He noted that his team comes with clear and attainable measures that do not need resources or international political conjuncture.

The candidate of the Party of Law and Justice Vasile Ceban said he is a jurist by profession and has worked as a university lecturer for over 25 years. The party’s team of candidates is led by Mariana Durleșteanu, who is followed by the party‘s president, General Nicolae Alexei. “We built a powerful, upright team. The uprightness was proven by the previous actions of Mariana Durleșteanu owing to who we now have snap parliamentary elections. She was the person who renounced the post of Premier and owing to her courageous actions we are now in an election campaign. The citizens, through the agency of this party, can reach Parliament. This team can not only promise, but can also change society,” stated Vasile Ceban.

He noted that the Party of Law and Justice, with the emblem of the Leu, runs under the slogan “Restarting Moldova” as the state of affairs is deportable in all the sections. The team aims to revitalize all the areas and to start to build a Moldova free from corruption, with industry, with better conditions for the citizens, medical assistance and others. The five pillars on which the program of the Party of Law and Justice is based are: education, youth and sport, as education and youth and sport are now in a disastrous condition; health and social protection as these are in a deplorable state and it was proven that the pandemic in the Republic of Moldova was felt more seriously as investments in the health system haven’t been made, the hospitals haven’t been modernized and the state wasn’t ready to cope with the pandemic; justice; economy and industry, and local public administration where the district councils and the posts of district head should be eliminated.

PAS candidate Virgil Pâslariuc noted he is a university lecturer, historian and he entered politics in 2015. Since then he has formed part of the PAS team that aims to change the political class and to free the state from capture. “We struggle for democracy, for the rule of law, for an economy that would generate prosperity and safety and, evidently, for the relaunch of our European objective. After July 11, we will start good times for Moldova,” stated Virgil Pâslariuc.

He also said that PAS’ slogan is “Starting good times for Moldova”, which means possibilities for each person to realize their potential and to live happily at home, learning and development opportunities for children, well-paid jobs and welfare for adults, high-quality services and safe old age for older persons. Good times also mean responsible public and central authorities that respect the citizens and promote the public interests and do not steal the citizens’ money. “PAS struggles for a clean and upright Parliament that would offer a professional, responsible government that can implement the development view of Maia Sandu, whose program was voted by the citizens in the presidential elections of last autumn. The people want fundamental transformations in the state so that all the authorities, state institutions work for the citizens, not for a group of oligarchs,” he stated, noting the five national objectives of the PAS are: justice, order and discipline, jobs at home, and united families. They aim to raise the average official salary to 15,000 lei and the minimum pension to 2,000 lei until 2025 and to allocate 2 billion lei annually for projects to modernize villages and ensure stronger international relations and the rapprochement with the EU.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the Party Alliance for the Union of Romanians will be under No. 14 on the ballot, the Party of Law and Justice - under No. 16, while the Party of Action and Solidarity - under No. 5.

IPN’s fourth electoral debate set for July 2, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders Electoral Bloc “RENATO USATÎI”, the Building Europe at Home Party “PACE” and the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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