UNION protests against punishment given to Vasile Botnari

The UNION Political Movement protested in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office against the expulsion of Turkish teachers and the formal fining of the former chief of the Security and Intelligence Service Vasile Botnari, who was found guilty of this action. Representatives of the Movement demand that the prosecutor in charge of this case and the hierarchically superior prospector soul be held accountable for conducting a formal investigation and that the judge who imposed only a fine on Vasile Botnari should resign, IPN reports.

In a news conference held at the scene, the UNION Political Movement demanded to resume the investigation, to discover the truth and to hold Igor Dodon, Vlad Plahotniuc and all those involved accountable. The party’s members ask that Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo should provide explanations over the lies he told on the issue.

Valeriu Munteanu, the leader of the Save Bessarabia Union, made reference to the Government Decision of 2017 on the repair of the Presidential Building of Moldova with Turkish funds. “I said then that the building cannot be repaired with Turkey’s money as this country will seek reward. In 2018, Turkey asked that Plahotniuc and Dodon should take measures for the seven Turkish teachers to be extradited from the Republic of Moldova and be brought to justice in Ankara,” stated the politician.

“In the Republic of Moldova and outside it, the international community does not believe in such tales. On a September morning, Vasile Botnari woke up and, unconsciously, went and handed over these Turkish citizens to Turkey after paying the plane by which they were transported. Currently, they are serving four to nine years in jail in Turkey. This was evidently an order made by Dodon and Plahotniuc.”

The UNION Political Movement asks that Alexandr Stoianoglo should reign for ignoring the matter and President Igor Dodon should also step down as he committed this crime together with Vlad Plahotniuc in 2018, according to the party.

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