Ukraine to accept Transnistria plates until January 2022

On Chisinau’s request, Ukrainian authorities postponed until next year the requirement for vehicles registered in Transnistria to have neutral license plates in order to be able to enter Ukraine. The deadline has been delayed repeatedly, and last time the requirement was due to take effect Wednesday, September 1.

In particular, the Odessa Customs Service announced drivers in the Transnistrian region the concession for the current license plates, which bear the flag of the unrecognized republic, will remain in effect until January 10, 2022.

“Following an official request from the Embassy of Moldova in Ukraine, the permission for vehicles from Moldova’s Transnistrian region without neutral registration plates and ‘MD’ stickers attached to the window is extended until January 10, 2022,” the Service said in a press release.

Former lawmaker Alexandr Slusari, of the Dignity and Truth Platform, took to Facebook to express his discontent: “I’d like to know who is responsible for this decision. I haven’t heard the matter to be discussed within the Government. Why do we learn such important information from the Odessa Customs Service? I am curious to know the reasons for this postponement, if the information is true. This would be the third extension of the deadline for the introduction of neutral license plates (not even for Moldovan license plates) in Transnistria.”

Slusari said that the previous governments shared “oligarchic interests” with the Tiraspol elite and had “a strong dependence on corrupt politicians from Moscow”. “But now, why does the government follow the same toxic pattern for Moldova?” asks Alexandru Slusari.

In a reply to Slusari’s post, Victor Stepaniuc, also a former lawmaker, said that “the issue of registration plates hasn’t been decided by the Moldovan government, but rather was based on insistent recommendations within the 5+2 talks. Moreover, in 3-4 months, the Moldovan government will have to negotiate a difficult agreement with Gazprom. Clearly Moldova has to maneuver somehow...”

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