Two parties seek ‘fair chance’ voting system

The Democracy at Home Party and the Green Party are asking the parliamentary majority to conduct public debates for devising a voting system that “gives a fair chance to everybody.” The system would also have to be “long-lasting”, so as to avoid the need to amend it with every change of government.

Democracy at Home leader Vasile Costiuc told a press conference that public debates are needed to see if the mixed system was good or bad for Moldova, and how it could be improved if it is going to the kept. “We don’t argue for a system or another. We just want an electoral system that gives a fair chance to everybody,” declared Costiuc. He also voiced discontent at how frequently the electoral law is changed to suit the interests of those in government.

Ana Țurcan, Democracy at Home vice-president, said the February elections showed that women’s representation was better served by the mixed system, as women candidates had more opportunities to run. However, she believes some parties were discriminated. For example, not everyone had equal access to the media.

Green Party president Anatolie Prohniţchi said the threshold for entering Parliament needs to be lowered significantly to make the legislature more representative. In his opinion, the integrity certificates introduced with the mixed system should be kept. Also, electoral advertising rules should be improved.

Vasile Fotescu, Green Party vice-president, said the electoral system should give more opportunities for young candidates as a way to reduce the emigration of young people. Fotescu also said that the introduction of an electronic voting system that can facilitate the participation of a larger number of voters is long overdue in Moldova.

On February 24 Moldovans voted for the first time based on a mixed electoral system. On June 11, the new parliamentary majority passed a bill in the first reading proposing the return to the proportional system. 

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