Two more banks join Moldmediacard payment processing system

Currently Moldmediacard serves 4 out of 11 banks in Moldova

Moldmediacard continues diversifying its portfolio of services and products, using the most advanced payment processing solutions, while also expanding its customer base.

Two more banks recently joined Moldmediacard - ENERGBANK and EXIMBANK -
opting for card issuance and payment acquisition via Moldmediacard solution. In the payments industry, migration and integration of a new bank into an existing processing center is considered one of the most complex and demanding projects.

Adrian Tărîță, CEO of Moldmediacard:

"We are pleased to announce the completion of the migration process of two new banks to Moldmediacard's card payment processing system. These were two complex projects carried out practically simultaneously. This exercise testified to the diligence and professionalism of the team, ready to face any professional challenge, regardless of complexity. The project lasted 6 months for a workload that normally required 18 months. Considering that in reality it was the migration of two banks practically simultaneously this was an incredible achievement. We carried out feasibility studies, certified the banks to SIP Visa and Mastercard in order to integrate them into the new processing center, migrated the card issuance and lending products, rewrote the ATM scenarios for the network of migrating banks, certified ATM/POS acceptance devices, as well as many other related activities.

I want to thank Moldmediacard's customers for trusting us, international payment systems for our ongoing partnership, and our team - for professionalism and dedication in delivering this cutting age project".

Moldmediacard is the only payment processing center in the Republic of Moldova that partners up and integrates with three most important international payment systems: Mastercard, Visa and American Express. It also delivers integration with ApplePay and GooglePay technology as an acceptor (e-commerce merchants), and developed an in-house ATM exchange service.

Aliona Stratan, President of the Moldmediacard Board of Directors:

"Creation of ecosystems, implementation of new technologies and the expansion of the client portfolio, which are processed inside Moldmediacard, are part of the company's medium and long-term strategy. We are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions based on innovation, and which are aligned with the latest technologies in the card payment industry, quality solutions and cost efficiency. We are happy that more and more companies are choosing Moldmediacard and we are committed to adding value at every point of contact with our customers".

Another complex project recently implemented by the Moldmediacard team aims to integrate ApplePay and Google Pay on the acceptance side, which offers e-commerce merchants to easily and securely accept payments based on tokenization technology.

Moldmediacard in numbers:

·  Over 229 million authorizations annually;

·  Over 98 million transactions annually;

·  40% of all cards issued in Moldova were from Moldmediacard customers;

·  Share of card-accepting devices connected to Moldmediacard included: 37% of all ATMs in the Republic of Moldova; 45% of POS terminals in the Republic of Moldova;

·  The market share of international transactions registered in 2022 by Moldmediacard was: 43% as an issuer; 46% as an acceptor;

·  Moldmediacard processed 45% of all local transactions in 2022.

For more details on Moldmediacard's activity, visit the website.

About Moldmediacard

With over 20 years of experience, Moldmediacard is the market leader in providing payment card transaction services, offering customers fast, convenient and secure services thanks to the know-how and latest technologies. The company's client portfolio includes banking, financial and non-financial institutions.

Moldmediacard is part of the maib group, which includes, as well, maib leasing.

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