Tudor Deliu: After elections, elected President is President not of party, but of everyone

The Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate for President Tudor Deliu considers the President should be the one who comes with unification messages before the people. “Not the incumbent President who divides us into ours and yours. Not the incumbent President who does not represent me as a citizen. He went and laid flowers at the monument of those who shot at me in the war. He calls an individual from a separatist region “Mister President” and speaks in our name,” the candidate stated in the public debate “We and the President” who elects who, who represents who?” that was staged by IPN News Agency.

According to Tudor Deliu, the problem of division in Moldovan society exists as the people during 29 years have been divided into statehood supporters and unionists, into Romanian-language speakers and Moldovan-language speakers, into those who lean to the East and those who lean to the West, into those who share a religious belief and those who share another religious belief, into those who are at home and those from the diaspora.

“Here, a role is played by the President who must unite, not divide. He should promote the interests of all the citizens, regardless of their nationality, religion, political affiliation. After elections, the elected President should be the President not of a party, but of everyone,” stated the candidate, noting that he is able to come to terms with all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, no matter who they are, as they are all humiliated by the incumbent President.

In another development, Tudor Deliu said a country that does not invest in education, health and culture, is doomed to failure because a state cannot develop when it has unschooled people, sick people and uncultured people. “We remember the culture when artists die, when the Philharmonic burns. In the rest of the time, we close down libraries, homes of culture without understanding that a nation that loses its culture dies. Therefore, the investments in culture and education should be a priority.”

The PLDM’s candidate noted that the President should make a call to all the Governments and Parliaments that will come and tell them that if investments in education, health and culture are not made, we cannot speak about economic development, solving of social problems or creation of jobs.

The electoral debate “We and the President” who elects who, who represents who?” forms part of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency in the framework of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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