Transnistrians ardently discuss the Kosovo situation

The mass-media and independent experts from the Transnistrian area went on discussing Kosovo’s proclaiming its independence the last week, the Info-Prim Neo correspondent in the area reports. The speaker of the Tiraspol Legislature Yevgeny Shevchuk stated „a new period in a new system of international relationships starts, when a part of a state decided, on the basis of a series of historical events, to live independently and this state could get recognised.” According to him, the Kosovo situation represents a serious motive to revise what he calls “systemic reasons” upon which the international relationships stay now. The head of the foreign affairs department, Valeri Litskai, told the foreign affairs parliamentary committee there was a plan of possible actions of the regional authorities depending on the development of the Kosovo-related events. So far, as the Novaya Gazeta independent opposition weekly suggests, the plan’s details remain unknown. Commenting on the perspectives of the talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol after Kosovo declared its independence, Novaya Gazeta writes „the parade of sovereignties is on its way and there is no doubt the level of Tiraspol’s claims from Chisinau will rise much. Starting from February 17, Tiraspol will try and use the fruits of breaking the world game rules.” The publication asks „Will the Kremlin be interested in a compromise between Chisinau and Tiraspol? And will its interests coincide with the ones of the Transnistrian authorities?” According to the Novy Region-2 news agency, based in the Transnistrian area, the leaders of Abkhazia, South Osetia and Transnistria get ready for a meeting styled as a summit of the Unrecognised States Community to draft a common action plan aimed to bring about the quick recognition of those three republics. Such a statement was made by the Abkhaz leader, Sergei Bagapsh, interviewed by the news agency «Novosti-Gruzia». „The three leaders will meet in a week or so and we’ll develop the basic plan of our further actions,” said Bagapsh. The Moldovan Parliament has already qualified Kosovo’s declaration of independence as a grave violation of Serbia’s sovereignty, as well as of the international law. The Parliament’s declaration on the issue points out the Kosovo precedent directly contributes to encouraging separatism – one of the gravest perils of the 21-century humankind. The Chisinau MPs are certain not all the reserves of the peaceful dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina have been consumed, neither have the world community and structures realised all the opportunities to influence the Kosovo situation.

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