Transnistrian conflict will inevitably be settled in several years, opinion

The settlement of the Transnistrian conflict will inevitably occur in several years and the official Chisinau should be ready for this process, said former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Gheorghe Bălan. According to him, the constitutional authorities should create a fund to cover the financial costs associated with the country’s reintegration and should negotiate with the development partners so that these agree to provide money for the Reintegration Fund, IPN reports.

The ex-Deputy Premier noted that the Transnistrian conflict is no longer perceived by the European partners as a hindrance to the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. The developments in the region will contribute to resolving the dispute and the constitutional authorities should be ready to take over the Transnistrian region.

“Earlier, the Transnistrian conflict was considered an impediment that will block any negotiation or movement towards the European Union. Last year, we saw that this approach of the international partners changed. Even high-ranking EU officials stated that the Transnistrian conflict is no longer an obstacle to the Republic of Moldova in the European integration process and the integration will depend on the results achieved in the process of modernizing and reforming the state. The international community started to perceive this conflict as a conflict that is directed and maintained by the Russian Federation so as to keep the Republic of Moldova in its sphere of influence. The war in Ukraine helped the foreign partners to see the realities in the Republic of Moldova. It is now clear that this conflict has been maintained artificially for 30 years so that the Republic of Moldova remains in the gray zone and has its European integration aspirations blocked,” Gheorghe Bălan said in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel, noting that Moldova should prepare an own view and approach to the Transnistrian settlement.

Security expert Andrei Curăraru noted that Moldova’s delegation that is now at the UN General Assembly should profit from this platform and promote the country’s interests, seeking support in the process of coming close to the EU and financial assistance.

“Until the negotiations are opened, we must make sure we have a common front and all the states will conform that the vote will be positive. Furthermore, we need more funds to maintain the economy, to continue reforms, to develop the infrastructure that can be now used to also transport grain from Ukraine. It goes to security aspects. The hybrid war continues in the Republic of Moldova. We are witnessing a new stage in which forces of particular political parties focus on Gagauzia and we should expect creative actions from them, like the refusal to implement the decisions taken by the Government in Chisinau, blocking of transport routes and other challenges,” stated Andrei Curăraru.

On Wednesday, adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Igor Zakharov said the peaceful reintegration of the Transnistrian region will take place either before or after Moldova’s accession to the EU. The goal is to prepare the Republic of Moldova for accession until 2030.

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