Traders give news conference together with MP

After they met with the minister of economy a week ago, a group of patent holders on Wednesday gave a news conference alongside an opposition MP. They said they repeatedly called on the government to be heard, but all in vain. They called upon the Prime Minister and the minister of economy not to hurry to promote laws to the citizens’ detriment, IPN reports.

Olga Chapki, the leader of the initiative group of patent holders from Ștefan Vodă, said the patent holders are simply ignored. “Work based on parent is a solution when the Republic of Moldova is a country brought to its knees and the citizens do not have another source of livelihood. We are those who refused to leave the country and remained near the family, the children who need us,” stated Olga Chapki.

Alexandru Vishnevschi, a patent holder from Rezina, noted that everyone criticizes the parent holders, but these work legally, do not smuggle and do not resort to tax evasion. He accused the government of incompetence and lack of transparency, saying that the bill by which the period during which traders can work based on patent was extended by only six months hadn’t been consulted publicly and the government doesn’t ensure transparency, as the previous governments didn’t.

Eleonora Herghelegiu-Ţurcanu, a patent holder from Căușeni, said they demand to exclude the time limit by which work based on parent is possible. A joint working group consisting of representatives of all the state bodies should be created. They will have to take to the streets to defend their workplaces, but they will not give up.

MP of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists Grigore Novac noted that the government ignores the demands of patent holders. “They were cheated as they were told one thing but something different is being done. This category of citizens who work based on the entrepreneur’s patent want to contribute to the state budget by paying taxes, want to work legally, here, at home,” stated the MP.

The deadline by which trade based on patent was allowed was extended from December 31, 2022 until July 1, 2023. The entrepreneur’s patent is now used to retail at kiosks, stalls, pavilions and from motor vehicles.

Economic experts noted this regime was introduced as a stage of transition for the patent holders to later register their economic activities as a legal form of entrepreneurial activity. But it was extended for multiple times and has been used for over 20 years. Patent-based entrepreneurial activity generates concerns as it is attractive for committing tax evasion, avoiding reporting and inspections and selling smuggled and counterfeit goods. The experts consider the last time limit should no longer be extended.

Earlier, in a meeting with parent holders, Minister of Economy Dumitru Alaiba said that not all the 5,000 patent holders can be accused of violations or bad intent. But it’s time to switch over to independent activity. This enables traders to get rid of all kinds of papers, reports. They will receive free up-to-the-minute cash registers connected to the State Tax Service. Once in three months, they will pay a tax of 1% of their sales at the post office or the bank. This percentage is probably lower than the sum they pay now for the patent.

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