To get rid of Filat, Plahotniuc lured him into the billion-dollar theft scheme, MP

Non-performing loans are not related to the theft of the billion, says Socialist MP Vladimir Golovatiuc, a member of the Commission of Inquiry for the elucidation of the circumstances of the banking system looting and the investigation of bank fraud. "Non-performing loans represent the National Bank's mark given upon verification of the quality of the loan portfolio. These loans, based on the pledge, can be repaid and the credit reimbursed, so it has nothing to do with the theft of the billion," the parliamentarian said in a statement from the Parliament's rostrum, after presenting the Commission report on the banking system fraud.

According to Vladimir Golovatiuc, the PSRM has previously submitted an alternative report to the "Răducanu Commission" report on the bank fraud. The main conclusions of that report are still up to date. Only then Vlad Plahotniuc's involvement was not yet known.

Vladimir Golovatiuc said that everything started when the state lost control over Banca de Economii, in the summer of 2013, when the Public Property Agency voted for an additional issue without the participation of the state.

At the beginning of November 2014, a meeting was held at the State Residence attended by President Nicolae Timofti, Prime Minister Iurie Leancă, Parliament Speaker Igor Corman, BNM Governor Dorin Drăguțanu, Vlad Plahotniuc and Vlad Filat. "It is not very clear what Vlad Filat and Vlad Plahotniuc were doing there, as at the time they did not hold any state office. They are the ones who supervised this scheme,” says the MP.

According to Vladimir Golovatiuc, after that meeting, Dorin Dragutanu went to the National Committee for Financial Stability to allow him to provide a guarantee loan. At the same time, Vladimir Plahotniuc charged Adrian Candu, the then minister of economy, "to ensure a legal cover for this scheme, insisting on amendments to the legislation". Golovatiuc also says that on November 13, 2014, before the financial hole was discovered, the Government made a secret decision that, "if something went wrong, to give loans to the three banks involved, 9.5 billion, then over four billions". And that when the deposits of individuals in all three banks did not exceed six billion.

According to Vladimir Golovatiuc, the financial beneficiaries of the billions stolen from the banking system were Vlad Filat and Ilan Șor, and the political beneficiary was Vladimir Plahotniuc. "In order to get rid of Vlad Filat, Vladimir Plahotniuc lured him into the billion-dollar theft scheme. In consequence the former prime minister was convicted and removed from the political scene of the country," the PSRM MP said.

The process of the banking system looting was a well and in advance prepared operation coordinated with politicians and state officials. It is one of the conclusions of the report on the elucidation of all circumstances of the banking system looting and the investigation of the banking fraud, presented on October 17 at the plenary of the Parliament by MP Alexandru Slusari.

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