Three unionist associations and three parties create UNION Bloc

Three unionist associations and three political parties have announced the creation of the UNION Bloc, arguing such a move is needed given the failure witnessed by the unionist forces in the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019. The participation in this year’s local elections is the first step planned by the bloc.

The leader of the Public Association “Unirea ODIP” Vlad Biletski, in a news conference at IPN, said the goal of the bloc is to create possibilities and chances for developing the unionist current in Moldova. “We firmly and clearly state that we will be making every effort to unify all the unionist forces, regardless of the misunderstandings and dissentions witnessed in the past. We assume responsibility for moving on and taking no step forward,” he stated.

The leader of the National Unity Bloc (BUN) Ion Leashchenko said the UNION Bloc aims to unite all the unionist forces around the reunification cause and to take part in all the civic and cultural events and eventual political campaigns in the area between the Prut and the Nistru Rivers. They want to offer an option to the unionist mayors and people of good faith from the awakened localities of the country. “Only united we could build a veritable force that will represent us everywhere. Union means power,” noted the BUN leader.

National Liberal Party president Vitalia Pavlichenko stated that even if the pro-Romanian, unionist parties didn’t unite before the parliamentary elections, it is never too late to do this and it is good that this thing really started. She called on other entities to join the bloc so that there is a powerful unionist movement. “This is the only correct path for the second Romanian state,” said the politician.

The leader of the Party “Democracy at Home” Vasile Costiuc said the lesson taught by the parliamentary elections was harsh, but necessary for understanding that unity makes strengths. “Even if we are different and in places have different views about how to achieve the union, the national cause is more important and is superior to the political ambitions and frustrations,” stated Vasile Costiuc.

Liberal Reformist Party vice president Tatiana Potîng noted that this unionist force aims to work out a unified agenda with well-planned actions so as to reach every potential unionist voter. “We set two objectives. Firstly, we must motivate the unionist voters. Secondly, we have the mission to inform and educate the other part of the voters who are yet disoriented and indoctrinated with Soviet ideology,” stated Tatiana Potîng.

“The legislative elections were like a cold shower for us all. The unionists are not split. This is the message we convey today through the creation of the UNION Bloc,” said the chairman of the Public Association “Moldova’s Youth” Anatol Ursu.

In the news conference, the representatives of the six entities signed the protocol on the creation of the UNION Bloc.

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