Three academic years is too little to raise a good journalist, dean

Three years for a journalism major, as well as for other majors, are too little to raise a professional. This period does not allow the future journalist to accumulate the knowledge that would truly ensure professional quality. This is the opinion of Journalism and Communication Sciences Faculty (MSU) Dean Georgeta Stepanov, member of the Press Council, invitee at the public debates “Print and on-line media from the perspective of political culture: Responsibility for the tamed ones-2”, organized by Info-Prim Neo. The dean mentioned that currently-enrolled journalism majors study for 3 years, the first year being dedicated to general education, and half of the four – to the senior thesis, thus leaving no time for professional growth. “In my opinion, such a format is absolutely destructive. It is, in fact, impossible to mold a journalist in 2 and a half years”, noted the dean. Georgeta Stepanov mentioned that the curriculum is compressed, and professors hardly manage to teach the students everything included in the program in a 2.5 year span. In the dean's opinion, the curriculum for this faculty, and not only this one, should be extended to 4 years for a Bachelor's degree, and to 1.5 years for a Master's degree. The dean stated that too little time is invested in raising journalists, whereas this field of activity carries immense responsibility. “The press has major effects, long-lasting, effects on the society, since the way the mass media influences the social individual ultimately affects the latter's way of thinking, for there is no other public institution that directly, or indirectly influences a one throughout one's life, except the press”, noted Georgeta Stepanov. The public debate on the topic “Responsibility for the tamed ones-2”, is the 12th edition of the “Developing political culture through public debates” series, organized by Info-Prim Neo with the support of the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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