This government should better leave than assume responsibility, opinion

Political commentator and editorialist Nicolae Negru considers that if the Chicu Government resigns, the situation will change radically. “First of all, the Democratic Party will have to think what it prefers – to go towards political suicide in snap elections or to contribute to forming a new government, for example, a really technocratic one. This government should better leave than assume responsibility.”

“Technocratic in the real meaning of the word, which would prepare the republic for eventual snap elections that will be trusted by everyone as free and fair. We don’t need snap parliamentary elections that would favor Dodon. And presidential elections too, by the way. So, the solution is for Ion Chicu to resign, for this government to leave so that a new government is formed with the involvement of all the parties that are now present in Parliament,” Nicolae Negru stated for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service in an interview.

The political commentator said the Moldovan politicians turned into Hollywood actors. The MPs, party leaders turned into directors and staged a real show.  There are many questions related to the case of Ștefan Gațcan, including as regards those videos where he appears with a mask on his face. “On the other hand, I see that the Democratic Party in the legal commission voted in favor of the resignation of Gațcan without seeing this Gațcan. This simulated naivety is strange. The Democratic Party’s move in this critical situation cannot be understood.”

Nicolae Negru believes that the Socialist MPs were scared and they will not have to think twice before deciding to defect to another parliamentary group. “This is an evident violation of the Constitution. Any MP has the right to leave as actually Dodon, Grechanyi and others left the PSRM earlier.”

“I don’t think the snap parliamentary elections will considerably change the situation. I don’t believe things can be solved so easily – you invite everyone to snap elections and those who you don’t want to be in Parliament leave this way. It is not so easily regrettably,” concluded Nicolae Negru.

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