Thieves could not arrest themselves, member of inquiry commission

Lilian Carp, PAS, ACUM Bloc MP, said that there was no integral file for the investigation of the bank fraud. There were several fragmented files, which were intended to mislead the public opinion. According to him, "they all stole together and it is clear that an integral file did not exist, because all frauds were operated from a single command point and thieves can not put handcuffs on themselves on their own". The statements were made in a speech by MP Lilian Carp after the presentation in a plenary Parliament session of the report of the Inquiry Commission to elucidate all the circumstances of the devaluation of the banking system in the Republic of Moldova and the investigation of bank fraud.

Lilian Carp, member of the Commission of Inquiry, said that he was able to verify over 60 companies and their founders. "Something very strange pops up. Almost 70% of these founders, whom I have personally verified, are also included in the list of donors of Moldovan political parties. This demonstrates the connections between Moldovan politicians and the thieves who have withdrawn or assisted the  withdrawal of money from the banks - Banca de Economii, etc. Basically, these are the heroes of the Moldovan country who have impoverished the Republic of Moldova by over one billion dollars”, said Lilian Carp.

The MP said that the "bank fraud actually shows the classical method of state institution capturing and that the actions have been orchestrated since the notification of the Constitutional Court, before the numb actions of the National Bank and of the General Prosecutor's Office, which acted flawed and fragmented even on certain files, which have been investigating certain people".

The MP added that the commission hearings were long and generated a lot of information. However, "when they were interviewed, the protagonists who stole the billion claimed that they had brought to the notice of law enforcement bodies what was happening and that they had tried to stop the fraud”. “At certain moments of sincerity, some have acknowledged that they got involved, yet not all the way, just a little bit. I will not issue names, they will be in the report", said Lilian Carp. According to him, previously, several commissions were set up for the elucidation of the bank theft, however, they did not generate any results. How could they generate results, asked Lilian Carp, "if the thieves were members of these committees or they even issued recommendations that would allow them to continue to steal".

In his opinion, it is necessary to investigate what happened after the fraud itself. Furthermore, the MP said that he will issue another proposal to set up an inquiry committee that would investigate the embezzlement of trade union assets. According to him, all those involved in the bank fraud were also involved in the embezzlement of trade union assets.

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