There are hidden goals behind privatization of “Metalferos”, Fiodor Ghelici

The authorities’ announcement about the intention to privatize the joint stock company
“Metalferos” has been harshly criticized by Fiodor Ghelici, who heads the public association “Moldova mea”. According to him, hidden financial interests are behind this intention and the enterprise will most probably be taken over by a foreign company, as the Chisinau International Airport was.

In a news conference at IPN, Fiodor Ghelici said that those who are now in power want to enrich themselves by privatizing “Metalferos”. President Igor Dodon, even if he does not have direct powers, will be responsible for what happens to this enterprise. “The enterprise will be privatized by someone close to the President or by a company based in the Russian Federation,” he stated.

The activist noted that employees of “Metalferos” told him that the enterprise, in which the state owns 70% of the share capital, is profitable and should not be privatized. It is outfitted with modern technology and makes a profit of millions of lei. “It cannot be explained why the owner wants to sell the best dairy cow,” said Fiodor Ghelici.

According to him, a monopoly should no way become private property. In other states, they would mount protests, but in Moldova the people are indifferent and do not oppose. The criminal governments know this and profit from the situation.

The head of “Moldova mea” also said that after the announcement about the privatization was made, the MPs simply keep silent, as they did when millions were stolen from the banking system. “I call on the MPs, in the name of all the people, and I’m not afraid to say this, to stop the fraud, the appropriation of public funds that belong to the people,” urged Fiodor Ghelici.

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