There are four scenarios after the fall of Sandu Government, political scientist

Political scientist Victor Stepaniuc says that there are four political scenarios after the fall of the Sandu Government. In his view, the two components of the former coalition must once again try to form a government, if they have the courage to forget what happened today.

The political scientist, contacted by IPN, however believes that this type of government has minimal chances, because all politicians have emotions, lack pragmatism, common sense, responsibility and political experience. "I would prefer that this government be reset. PSRM-ACUM Government 2. If we want to succeed so that things do not degenerate further, a government must have a four-year term,” said the political scientist.

Another option, according to Victor Stepaniuc, would be the minority government, only that it will be unstable, it could be blocked by the "whims and ambitions of the opposition MPs". The third option would be a "national rescue government", a heterogeneous one, but whose activity is also likely to be blocked by MPs.

The fourth scenario is the early elections, but the political scientist warns that neither the PSRM nor the Bloc NOW have a chance to win extra votes, because they have no arguments to convince voters.

Victor Stepaniuc has also said that the PDM in no way should be brought back to governance. "This party must remain in opposition, cleanse themselves of their sins, answer for crimes committed in the past."

The political scientist believes that the current government has fallen "because of the ambitions and lack of communication of the leaders, whose views regarding the problem of fighting and activity methods clashed." The manner in which Maia Sandu spoke in the Parliament allowed to be understood that it was "a concrete launch in the election campaign for the presidential elections, started a year earlier, showing some exaggerated ambitions", added Victor Stepaniuc.

In his opinion, the departure of the Sandu Government demonstrates "a certain weakness of the socialists as well, who could not prevent, make compromise, could not find some smarter ways to understand the other side".

The Cabinet of Ministers led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu has been dismissed today, November 12, at Parliament's plenary. The motion of censure submitted by the Socialist Party group was voted by 63 deputies of the PSRM and the Democratic Party. The MPs from the Șor Party group abstained from voting.

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