There are 927 men per 1,000 women in Moldova

There are 927 men per 1,000 women in Moldova, so that the 2004 census has demonstrated that the female population continues to be predominant. The share of women in 2004 was 51.9 percent, compared with 52.3 percent of Moldova’s population in 1989. Official data of the latest census show that 1,755,643 women have been registered, by 128,000 more than men. At the same time, the statistics for late 2004 show that there are more women aged over 30 than men. The demographic ageing in Moldova is becoming evident. Minors under 15 hold 21 percent and their share dropped by 8.6 percent compared with 1989. At the same time, the number of population capable to work has declined by 0.5 percentage points, down to 14.8 percent of the total of population. These categories of population count for 29.6 percent and 12.6 percent in 1989, compared with 21.0 percent and 14.3 percent in 2004. Ninety-seven persons over 100 were registered at the 2004 census, including 85 women and 79 persons were residing villages. As regards the population capable to work, it count for 63.9 percent and its share rose by 8.8 percentage points compared with 1989. This rise is due to the high birth rate in the 1980s and rise of retirement age. The medium age of population has grown in Moldova in 15 years and it was 35.3 years in 2004, including 36.8 years of women and 33.6 percent of men. The medium age in Germany is 41.3 years, while in Romania – 37.3 years.

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