The West will send troops to Ukraine if...

“The West to send troops to Ukraine if Russia attacks also the Republic of Moldova,” headlines aktual24 of Bucharest, referring to the Italian newspaper La Republica. The same subject was treated by the media in the Russian Federation, IPN reports.

Western sources say that NATO outlined at least two “red lines” for possible intervention in the hostilities in Ukraine. Thus, NATO will intervene if Belarus gets directly involved in the war or if Russia attacks the Baltic states or Moldova.

La Republica notes that there are currently no operational plans to send troops to Ukraine, and the “red lines” described should only be considered as possible action plans in case of extraordinary circumstances, such as the involvement of third parties in the war in Ukraine.|

The first “red line” is the direct or indirect participation of a third party in the war against Ukraine, in particular, in the event of a breakthrough on the northwestern border - because this would create a corridor between Kyiv and Belarus.

The probability of this tactical scenario has been considered by analysts of the allied states. The option in question would directly involve Minsk in the war. The country’s troops and ammunition reserves would be crucial for Moscow. Activating this circumstance could only intensify defense in Ukraine’s favor,” reads the article said.

“The second “red line” is a military provocation against the Baltic states, Poland or a targeted attack on Moldova. This is not necessarily an invasion, so it can also be a military strike to test the reaction of the West.”

In particular, it can be an attempt to test the ability to react in the phase of “possible confusion”, that is during the elections to the European Parliament and the election of the U.S. president as these can make the Kremlin believe that NATO is distracted, but the Alliance will not tolerate such aggression,” said La Republica.

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