The only guarantor for stopping "real estate mafia" is Andrei Năstase, NGO

Members of the Civic Committee Public Association for combating illegal constructions and defending human rights claims that the city of Chisinau "is replete" with illegal constructions, which were encouraged by most municipal councilors. They say that people must be changed in the City Hall, and that the only guarantor that this "carousel of illegality" will be stopped is the ACUM candidate, Andrei Năstase.

At an IPN press conference, Mihai Balan, deputy chairman of the Civic Committee for combating illegal constructions and defending human rights, has mentioned that due to the lack of clear regulations, but also in violation of regulations and laws in force, "Real estate mafia" has expanded in the city. According to him, some of the real estate developers are corrupt City Hall officials and even judges, and as a result they embezzled tens of millions from the City Hall budget. According to the association's estimates, eight out of ten buildings erected in Chisinau in recent years are illegal.

According to Mihai Balan, in the case of these constructions there was no prior consultation of the citizens, while those who have endorsed the illegalities now want to be part of the public administration. "The Socialists allowed the situation of illegal constructions in Chisinau to go on. The only guarantor that this carousel of illegalities will be stopped is the ACUM candidate, Andrei Năstase, because he will evaluate the constructions and the illegalities, they will be identified and informative notes will be issued to the authorized institutions for the enforcement of law”, declared Mihai Balan.

The deputy chair of the organization argues that a relevant example of illegal construction is the "Belinski, 4" case, where the construction of a 11-storey block began on a state-owned land plot of 24 ares. This happened despite the fact that there are only one storey houses around this site. The block began to be built less than two meters away from the single-family houses, which make the buildings crumble. This construction was supported by municipal councilors, with the exception of those from the PPEM, who voted for the amendment of the urban planning regulation code in the special destination area. The CMC decision was declared illegal by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Raisa Melnic, one of the persons whose dwelling is near the building, says that her house is damaged. According to the woman, the decision to transfer the land from state ownership into the construction company's ownership was taken by the Leanca Government, in order to build there a health center for athletes, but not a housing block too. For changing the “zoning” of the land, a CMC decision was required. Such a decision was taken by the CMC without public consultation. Also, says the woman, a building permit was issued without observing construction norms.

And Boris Borisenco, a member of the organization, referred to a case of illegal construction on Calea Ieșilor 61/2, where a multi-storey block is being built at a distance of 17 meters from other blocks. The man says that the works pose a risk of landslides and, respectively, pose danger to the safety of the people. Boris Borisenco believes that before building there must be taken actions against landslides.

Tamara Onică, representative of the residents, referred to the construction of a four-storey office building in a residential area, on Belinski street, 10A, for which the City Hall issued authorization. The woman says that the multiple demands of the residents to put an end to this construction, which creates inconveniences, went unanswered.

The members of the public organization called on the state institutions to replace the existing civil servants with honest officials. They also say they want a mayor to put an end to the committed illegalities, and this is Andrei Năstase.

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