The Ministry of Economy and Commerce Proposes to Publicly Debate the Reform Strategy of the Entrepreneur’s Activity Regulation Framework

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) intends to publicly debate the Reform Strategy of the Entrepreneur’s Activity Regulation Framework. The aim of the debates is to identify the measures for making more efficient the stipulations that regulate the entrepreneur activity by optimizing the decisional process through the participation of the private sector, reducing involvement of the state in the private sector and through a continuous evaluation of the juridical framework. “In 2005 the unofficial wages index reduced, but it is still rather high, diminished the number and the frequency of state control at the enterprises and of the time and financial expenses for obtaining construction authorizations in order to conform to the export custom rules, for obtaining sanitary certificates and for new equipment certificates etc.”, is shown in the project of the Strategy. The document says that despite these recent changes, the business in the Republic of Moldova continues to suffer more than the business from the neighbour countries because of three main problems that regard the stipulation risk market distortions and high production and transaction prices. “In the last two years took place a general improvement of the business area, but it is unregulated and develops too slow. The already made reforms led to good results, but the business area is still weak. The key problem is the existence of expensive and inefficient stipulations that many times contradict the legislation. According to the authors of the Strategy, in the context of structural reforms of the entrepreneur activity constructive actions are needed, like promoting concurrence and reducing the administrative impediments in business, increasing the access on the foreign markets by liquidating expensive and long-term restraints. Also, is necessary to apply strategies for increasing the access to funds and to improve the bank system, implementing properly the privatization program etc. The experience of other member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) demonstrates that for maintaining a high quality system it has to be periodically overseen. Halting the reforms brings to diminishing the quality of the regulations and to economical losses for the whole society. The reform strategy is presented on the site of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The proposals or the objections can be sent to the following address:

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