The maib forest was expanded by 2 800 trees. Find out how the third edition of the planting took place

On Saturday, November 4, the third maib forest planting event was held. Around 150 maib employees, their relatives, volunteers and villagers went to Cruzești to help the maib forest expand, planting 2 800 saplings, mainly acacia and maple.

During the three editions of the initiative, organised in 2021, 2022 and 2023, 8 600 trees were planted in Cruzești. According to figures, planted seedlings will sequester 400 tonnes of CO2 over 40 years. At the same time, the maib forest has been extended on land at high risk of erosion and degradation in Cruzești and is the first forest in the commune.

For the initiative to be more effective and sustainable, trees were selected according to the degree of soil erosion, adaptability to local conditions and natural ecosystem formation, as recommended by forestry specialists.


Iulia Bogusevschi, Head of Corporate Communications at maib:

"The maib forest planting event is one of the most awaited events within the maib team. Besides the social aspect and the impact on the environment and the community, it is an excellent teambuilding opportunity for the maib people, who year after year participate in this action in increasing numbers. It makes our hearts swell with joy to see how vigorously the trees planted last year are growing, and I hope it will be an example of best practice for as many companies as possible to invest in sustainability. Thank you to our partners from "Hai Moldova" NGO for their support in afforesting this landslide-prone area and caring for the maib forest throughout the years."

The maib forest is one of maib's most significant environmental CSR projects, carried out in partnership with the "Hai Moldova" NGO.


Nadejda Cebotari, President of “Hai Moldova” NGO:

"We are delighted to have established a trusted partnership with the maib team, which is dedicated to a green and sustainable future. We are happy to contribute to positive change in Cruzești as it is already our third maib forest planting event. Investing in a green future benefits all citizens. Many thanks, maib, you are an example!"


Svetlana Brega, Compliance Specialist at maib:

"The maib forest is about spending quality time, about our contribution to the environment, and about the education we give to our children through our example. I'm participating in the maib forest planting event for the third year in a row because I think it's a wonderful feeling to know that you can spend three hours of your life doing good deeds, giving love to every tree you plant, with the hope that it will grow. I do it for my wellbeing, for the excitement of living it to the fullest, for the time spent with colleagues and last but not least, for the educative time spent with my child. He wanted to participate and already tells me that when he grows older, he will want to visit the forest."


Maib – we plant today for future generations!

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